Hair Free!!

I don’t know how many times in a run of a week I’ve heard  “So how bad is this (insert type of waxing) going to hurt anyway?” and I don’t know how many times I’ve responded by saying… “ohhhh you’ll be fineeeee, its not so bad…..”.Truth is…I lied.

Waxing hurts. Its not as pleasant as a pretty pedicure or a nice, relaxing massage. You are RIPPING your hair from its follicle, from all parts of your body with nice, hot wax. And don’t forget, YOU are volunteering yourself to have this treatment done. If you can’t handle heat, get out of the kitchen or so to speak. There are plenty other hair removal methods out there at your disposal  i.e. shaving, laser, tweezing, threading, sugaring, electrolysis and scary chemical depilatories like Nair .( I plan on doing a post in the future about these too)

But this isn’t a rant about all those other things. This is about waxing.

Waxing has been around for ages. It is probably one of the most popular spa services performed and for as how much it sucks to have it done, I loveeeeeee it and believe it is 100% worth it.

You can have your legs waxed, your brows waxed, your underarms waxed…heck, you can have your butt waxed.(don’t laugh, its more popular then you’d think!!)

People constantly want to be hair free. It’s the “In” thing to do. Girls, You don’t have to worry about wasting time shaving your legs to wear a dress and guys; you don’t have to be embarrassed of your thick back hair on the beach. Just wax it.

I do however, have some tips and suggestions to make your waxing experience the best it can possibly be. There are some things to keep in mind to get the smoothest results and also, some things to make it all a little less painful.


– Hair length has to be a quarter of an inch or passed the stubbly stage for maximum rippage!! I know that’s not a real word, grammar police, but stick with me here ( no pun intended 😉 ). The hair has to be lying flat to the skin so that there is enough for the wax to attach to and prevent breakage of the follicle. This will also prevent the tedious task of me having to tweeze your whole leg. You will hate me if this happens. So let it grow people. Don’t shave three days before and expect to get a “good wax” out of you session.

Now, on the other hand, hair that is too long is not good. If you can braid it, its probably going to hurt a heck of a lot more and greaten the chances of the wax pulling/tangling or possible getting stuck. If you haven’t done any maintenance in a while, especially in the bikini area, trim please or we can do it when you come in. You will be happier if you do.

-No lotions, perfumes or creams prior to waxing. This just makes cleansing of the area faster and also ensures the wax actually sticks.

-It is up to you if you want to take an Advil or something to lessen the pain before hand. I personally don’t find it makes that much of a difference, but its worth a shot.

-Any type of waxing, especially bikini, will hurt more the week before and during your menstrual cycle. Your pain tolerance isn’t its best at this time. So go have a bag of chips or ice cream and book your appointment for after this time of the month. It’ll be much more pleasant if you do.

-If possible, start waxing earlier on in life. The earlier you start the better. Especially with girls. If they start waxing their legs as a teen instead of shaving, there is more of chance they will have less or no hair when they are older. The hair is finer, and weaker at this point in their life and the more you have it done, the better the pain will get later on.

-Avoid Skin thinning medications if you want to have waxing done. Accutane and certain topicals can make you skin super fragile and even the most minor wax can leave you with skin loss or tears. So be honest with your aesthetician, tell them any medications you’re on to avoid possible damage.

-Avoid Sun exposure prior to waxing. Tanning and burns make your skin more fragile and can also cause skin loss during waxing.

-Best times of day to get waxing done are between 3 and 5 pm. Your pain threshold is higher at these points of the day versus 9 am when you’re cranky from lack of caffeine and sleep.



-As hard as it may be at the time, try to relax. Tensing up makes everything more painful. Also, If you aren’t relaxed, we aren’t relaxed. Beyond popular belief, I don’t like hurting people. I just want you have the best possible experience and leave hair free in the desired area.

– As far as decency goes in bikini and leg waxing, you are covered. Leave on your underwear and we will drape you with a towel. Brazilian’s are a little trickier though. You’re getting all the hair removed down there, but there are ways an aesthetician can keep it modest, whether that’s disposable thongs or draping with a small towel. And P.S. Ladies, it’s normal to be apprehensive about the “exposure” level of a Brazilian, but once you have one done and have found someone you are comfortable having it done with, its a walk in the park. I never thought in a million years I’d be so comfortable doing these types of services, but I literally would be happy with a whole day of bikini or Brazilian waxings. You become fast friends with these clients and build a loyal clientele this way. When I was 5 dreaming of what I’d do with my life, I never thought it be this, but I love it!

-There are two types of wax out there. Different spas use different kinds. There is the traditional soft wax. This is applied with a stick to the skin in a thin layer and removed with a cloth strip. This type is great for bigger areas as it is faster to use and you can do larger sections. Hard wax is applied thicker and left to dry or harden. This wax is great for more sensitive skin types and for more sensitive areas such as underarm or bikini. Let your waxer know if you have a preference. I love both types equally, as they are great for different people.



-Avoid tight clothing on area where you have received the waxing. Tight clothing causes friction and irritation and that is the last thing you want in an area you just ripped hair out of.

-Redness and swelling is normal after waxing. It should go disappear in a matter of a few minutes to a few hours. If any pain is present after 24-48 hours, call your aesthetician and/or doctor.

-You can apply cold compresses, ice and aloe to waxed areas afterwards to deal with the redness and sensitivity.

-Avoid Sun exposure, hot tubs, chlorinated pools and strenuous exercise immediately after. All these things can cause irritation, sweating and possible pain of the skin and not allow it to heal properly.

-Book your waxings according to your needs. If you need your lip done every two weeks, you can do that. As long as the hair is long enough to remove. Same goes for the rest of the body. Most people book anywhere from 2 to 4 to 6 weeks in between sessions. It all just depends on your hair growth cycle and how long you can stand to let it go.

-To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate waxed areas regularly. BUT please do not exfoliate immediately after waxing, give it a day or two.

-If you do have an ingrown, do not pick it, as tempting as it may be. Use salicylic acid products and warm compresses to help loosen the hair and to exfoliate the skin that’s inflamed. If it persists, get them checked out by your doctor. You do not want them to lead to an infection.


And that’s about it. As many tips I can think of to help anyone through their first or 50th waxing session. Sure it hurts. But its bearable and it will become a time and life saver for people who hate hair (like me)


-Nicole 🙂 xo

***I know people buy their own wax and do waxing at home, but Please do not attempt more difficult waxing in your bathroom. Brazilians are meant to be done by people trained to do them. The last thing you want is to end up in the E.R. trying to explain what the issue is….***








Spring Makeup and Nail Trends

Just in time for Easter, I thought I would share just a few things I’m loving and that are on trend for Spring 2014 🙂

1)  Orange Lips- this color is huge this year…only problem is finding the right shade for your skin tone.

I recently went outside my comfort zone and bought Mac’s “Morange” lipstick and I loveeee it!



 I am currently awaiting to receive in the mail Limecrime’s “Cosmo pop” lipstick pictured above! Obsessed!!


2) Radiant Orchid- Pantone released its Color of the year for 2014 and Radiant Orchid was it! Super pretty, tons of flattering variations for every skin tone and an easy way to wear color on your face!


Pictured above I’m wearing Mac’s “Heroine” lipstick. ❤


Scarlett could basically pull off any color…lucky b#%*@

3) Bold Brows- Please dear god, let this trend be here to stay. I don’t think skinny brows were ever a great trend!


Cara (above) has probably the best example of what a bold eyebrow should look like. Hers are perfect!


Above- My attempt at fuller brows and Radiant Orchid lips again. For my brows I’ve been using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I don’t think I will ever switch!

4) Blue Eye Makeup-  and not your “Mimi” from the Drew Carey show type of blue shadow either.



Pictured above is Instagram Beauty Guru and one of my girl crushes..Username- Amrezy. Go check out her page for awesome makeup inspiration.

5) Glowy Skin- Healthy looking Luminous skin is always in. Bronzer, Highlighters and good skin care products will help you achieve this look!


“Jlo’s glow”…need I say anymore.


Think luminous & slightly sun kissed, just like Rosie(above)…not greasy, just left the gym.

6) White Eyeliner-  As I mentioned in my “get rid of dark circles” post, white liner can do wonders. It makes you look more awake & bright and your eyes larger.



7) Black eyeliner-  is in right now and its not just your traditional straight line across your lid either. Runways have shown all sorts of different graphic styles. Some are little hard to pull off…but fun to try maybe for a night out?



Nail Trends

1) Pastels- If you look in a lot of clothing stores, pastels have appeared to have take over and this same thing has taken over nail color trends. Super pretty and flattering!



2) Modern French- a different twist on the classic White tipped French. Either use one different color for just the tip or use a two colors for something more fun!


Above- Pedicure done by yours truly on a client and probably my favorite color combo EVER!!!!


3) Stripes –  Whether they are horizontal, vertical, zigzag or even just on one accent nail, stripes are an easy way to do nail art. ( and thank god for that, because if there is one thing I am really not great at, its nail art. 😦 )


My stubby little figures featuring some stripes 😉 (above)


Above- a picture I found on pinterest! Love that incorporates stripes and a modern French tip! ❤


Hope you enjoyed this little read and it inspires you to try some different makeup and nail ideas this spring!

-Nicole xo 🙂











No More Dark Circles!


Tips to avoid “The Dark Side” or the dreaded “oh, you look tired today” comment…. aka you look like crap because of your dark, puffy eyes!! (the worst!)

First off, figure out what’s causing the issue. Causes could be anything from lack of sleep, hereditary, lack of hydration, allergies, etc.

If it’s hereditary, your kind of up &%$#@ creek, without a paddle my friends (sorry)…but good news is you CAN disguise them.

Makeup and Eyecream

-Use a concealer in one or two shades lighter then your skin in an upside down triangle under your eyes and set it with powder. (but do be gentle, your skin under your eyes is thin and delicate. Pat, don’t rub!)

-You can also use a white eyeliner in your lower waterline. For those of you who are unaware of what that is, it is the fleshy part above your lower lashes. This will help make your eyes look larger and a little brighter. If you suffer from puffy or dark eyes, you will want to avoid making them look smaller by lining this same area with any black or dark pencil.

-You will love highlighting products if you suffer from darkness. Use a light powder or cream highlight in the inner corners of your eyes and under the brow bone. This will help you have an almost “eye lift” affect….But be careful your highlighter doesn’t contain too much sparkle. You want to look bright eyed…not like a disco queen!!

– I’ve spoken before about the importance of eye cream in anyone over the age of 25’s life and I really, REALLY mean it! Especially if you want to diminish the look of puffiness and fine lines. This will also help in the application of any of your eye makeup and just make everything look better.

Sleep Deprived?

Now, if your dark circles are not  hereditary and caused by lack of sleep…well….you should probably get some sleep then! Easier said then done I know, but 6-8 hours of solid sleep can defiantly help diminish puffy, dark eyes.

Also regarding sleep, your actual sleep position can be causing puffiness. Try sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated. This will help any fluids and toxins move away from head and prevent them from pooling around your eyes. Sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow is not great for aging and fine lines either…. You’re welcome stomach sleepers…you’ll thank me when you’re older!

-Do NOT go to sleep with makeup on!! Remove it with a gentle eye makeup remover. Again, do not rub harshly!

Health and Diet

This next tip may be a downer to some people…limit your smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking depletes essential oxygen and circulation you need for your skin.  Smoking is just bad in general…. Just don’t do it. Your skin, hair, nails and whole body will thank you in the future.

Here is another hard one…limit your salt intake. Salt makes you retain fluid where you don’t want it…whether that’s your waistline or under eye area 😦 …Sorry Chip lovers…

-WATER! WATER! WATER!! Drink lots of it. Dehydration is a huge culprit when it comes to dark circles and puffy eyes and really any skin aliment.

-If your body is lacking iron, this can cause you to have dark circles.. I’m anemic and you can definitely tell when my blood count is down or I haven’t been taking my supplements. If you don’t know if your iron is low, get it checked out by your doctor. Taking iron and B12 supplements has also changed my energy levels. Its really worth looking into.

-Protect your eyes!  Wear your sunscreen! Wear Your sunglasses!! (but please take them off when going indoors, No one likes THAT person…)

Home Treatments

 -Use cold tea bags, cold spoons or small baby gel teething rings. Stick any of these in ice water or the freezer for a bit then rest them gently on your eyes. The coolness will help with the puffiness and make tired eyes feel much better.

-self massage with your eye cream is great for circulation under and around your eyes. Just again, make sure to be gentle!


 -Get one!!! A facial with hydrating products is a great idea! It will help you relax, de-stress and treat the skin around your eyes.


So there you have it. A few tidbits of information on how to help treat and prevent dark circles!

-Nicole xo 🙂


Raccoons; the only thing to look cute with dark circles 😉






Inspiration and Fave Youtube Beauty Vloggers

I spend countless hours watching YouTube. I find most of my inspiration for outfits, makeup tips and hair ideas on there. I barely watch actual television shows anymore because of my Youtube obsession. So I Thought I’d share my top channels I Subscribe to and hopefully they will give you ideas and inspiration!

-nicole guerriero …this is my girl!! I love her, want to be her. she has over 1 million followers!













-desi perkins


-Ashley sander



-lauren curtis








I could go on and on with this list. It’s addicting. Go check out these ladies. Most of them have blogs aswell as their youtube channels!

-Nicole xo ❤


Makeup essentials!


The whole reason I chose to go into a career in aesthetics was simply because of makeup. It was the first real love of my life and passion. I was tom-boyish and clueless in elementary and jr high with anything beauty related (believe me when I say I went through some pretty awkward stages and Frosty, glittery eye shadow and lip gloss for high school dances was my go to look.) Now It’s all so bizarre (but actually really awesome) that I now find myself being asked for makeup tips.

If you were to refer to my previous post on acne, you’ll know my skin isn’t always the greatest, but I’ve managed to figure out how to hide that and not look like a cakey, orange, clown face.( and if you’re going for that look, hey, all the power to you! Ill pass on that though for daily wear and just save it for Halloween) 🙂 )

I would however suggest a few basic tips, products and ideas for anyone that considers themselves “clueless” when it comes to makeup and needs help with finding out what to do and most importantly, what NOT to do to make them look their best.

1) Great makeup starts out with great skin care. You couldn’t build a house without a good, sturdy foundation and you can’t expect your makeup to look the best if you don’t wash, tone, treat and moisturize your skin before application of your makeup. This makes any powders or creams look better and prolongs the life of your makeup throughout the day.

2) Tinted Moisturizers, BB creams are great and fool prof!!! Especially if you aren’t into full coverage makeup. They are great for younger people rather then full blown foundation. They are super easy to apply, either with your hands, a brush or sponge. I go between two types right now depending on my mood. I love my Mineral tinted moisture from Aveda( it has spf in it which is great, because I tend to slack sometimes when it comes to sun protection…sorry 😦 ) and I also use Garnier’s Skin Renew BB Cream for combination to oily skin. Both are light coverage and the best part is, they don’t make me break out!!

3)Concealer is my bff. It hides my dark circles, breakouts and redness when I layer it with my tinted moisturizers. Sometimes if I’m really lazy, I’ll skip any other face makeup and just use concealer as a quick fix and spot cover things. Some decent, affordable ones out there are from The Balm Cosmetics (Time Balm concealer), NYX, Maybelline (age rewind dark circle eraser and illuminating concealer) , Sonia Kashuk and then a little pricier one I like would be from Mac.

And as far as different concealer colors out there, there are lots of different skin tone ones to match different people. The Green concealers are for covering redness and the Yellow or orangey ones are for shadows or dark circles. 

4)Powder is a must to set everything and make your concealers and bb creams last. They are also a must for people who tend to get shiny throughout the day and great for touching up. I actually use Aveda’s Dual Powder Foundation.(it can be used by itself as well) This gives me a little more coverage for my breakouts and prevents me from looking like there’s an oil slick on my forehead. I have used various other kinds and brands throughout my life. Revlon, Maybelline, BH cosmetics, cover girl, mac, etc.

5)Blush and Bronzer is key unless you want to look like a ghost after all that concealer, tinted moisturizers and powders. Less is more in this category. It is easier to apply more in the end then applying too much to begin with and have to wipe it all off or blend it like crazy and waste time. Apply blush on the apples or rounds of your cheeks and apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face ( i.e. cheek bones, nose, chin and top of your forehead) Be careful as to not make yourself look like an oompa loompa or snooki.

6) Have fun with eye shadows. Go lighter and more neutral in the day and more dramatic in the night. Get a palette with all sorts of colors so you can experiment and figure out what looks good on you. Some great colors depending on your eye color are as follows:

Brown eyes- purple, turquoise, bronze, gold, silver, any neutrals.

Blue eyes- bronze, gold, neutrals

Green- Neutrals, purples, gold, pinkish or rose shades 

Hazel- purple, neutrals, rose shades.

Eye shadow takes practice. You don’t become great right away and I still struggle with this part of my makeup routine.

Sephora has tons of expensive and inexpensive palletes. I have also discovered and LOVEEE They have so many inexpensive, good quality eye shadows. I bought four palletes last April for under $30!! (including shipping)

7) Eyeliner. You can use pencil, liquid, cream, gel and powder. This also takes patience and practise. Powder and pencil is the most forgiving, it doesn’t have to be perfect and can be smudged for dramatic, Smokey looks!  Liquid is the most difficult to use. The classic flick or cat eyeliner is my favorite. Use a small piece of tape under your lashes as a guide for your line till you get better at making that line.

8) Curling your lashes and applying Mascara is essential. Even if you chose to not wear eye shadow or liner, please use mascara. It  makes a huge difference in how you look. I find it makes a person look more awake and your eyes look bigger and your whole look. look more complete.

9) Now on to my favorite and the last step! Lip products! Whether you chose lip-gloss, pencil or lipstick, always “have your lips on!!” ( as my aesthetics instructor would say ;)) Experiment with colors and textures. Don’t be afraid of the not so mainstream colors ( Orange and Purple lips are huge now!) Glosses are easiest to apply but don’t last as long as Lipstick and lip pencils. I’m a sucker for classic, matte red lips and I probably own a billion red lipsticks. Lipstick gives life and color to your face and It’s the quickest thing to apply if you only have a minute to get yourself together. Some good brands out there are Aveda, MAC, Milani, NYX, Maybelline, avon, urban decay, etc.

P.S. Buying good makeup brushes and tools is also a tip I’d highly recommend. It’ll make all this whole applying makeup thing easier and you’ll look fancier doing it too. Being elbow deep in foundation and having different colored finger tips isn’t always the best look.

I obviously don’t discriminate with my makeup. I love high end and drugstore brands in all types of makeup. I love browsing Wal-Mart, target, Sephora and department stores. Find what you like and use it. Practise makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and if people want anymore help, I do, do makeup lessons where I work. It’s probably the most fun you’ll have in a while! You will get some tips and tricks, get your makeup done and the best part about it is, getting to hang out with and be entertained by ME for a whole hour! It’s a Win-Win People!!!

-Nicole xo



Pictured Above- My little Bh Cosmetics haul last year.


Above- Some favorite NYX products. You can find this brand at Lawtons or Target.


Jess and I doing the backstage hustle at Les Miserable last year ❤  



Acne sucks…

You would think having acne when you’re 15 would be enough for one person, but since I’m so lucky, I got to have it again in my 20s!!! Yey!!!!! …not.
In my personal experience, adult acne is the worst. I’ve tried everything.(besides Accutane, that’s too intense for my liking) You would think being an aesthetician I could have great skin but you’d be Wrongoooo! I feel the fact that I have access to soooo many things that I’m constantly experimenting with my poor skin. If there is one thing to know about me is, I love product! If it has fancy or sparkly packaging ,no questions asked, I’m buying it!  ( I’m like a crow)
The only good thing about having acne is I feel I can relate more to my clients with acne.  I know it sucks. I know its a vicious cycle of wear more makeup to cover it up, make face worse because of wearing the makeup and so on.  I know people pick at the breakouts.( don’t judge, I do it too sometimes, but i do it the right way if I’m going to do it) Sorry fellow aestheticians, you’re probably cringing I know….but you do it too!!
But this past January, I had enough. I’ve changed how I look after my skin. I had to. I was becoming scarred not only on my face, but my back too! 😦
image  image (13)  <– These pics were taken around the middle of January. Scary…I know..
Currently I am using unscented hypoallergenic baby wipes to take off my war paint. ( this was recommended by a doctor. Cheaper then makeup wipes, you get more in a pack, and they don’t leave that stingy feeling on your skin or delicate eye area)
I use either aveda enbrightenment cleanser which I love and have been using since I started working with aveda products. Or I’ve recently discovered in the last 2 months a Vichy cleanser. This cleanser also doubles as a mask if you leave it to harden!
I then use my holy grail toner. The enbrightenment toner. This has salicylic acid in it. I love this. I will never change it. It really helps break up any leftover makeup and promotes skin cell turnover, which acne prone skin needs help with. My skin is very prone to hyperpigmentation left behind from any breakout I get also. So this enbrightenment line helps with this over time as well.
A client actually informed me about this next product. Its a topical prescription medication that I really feel is making a huge difference. It is called aczone. This probably isn’t for everyone, so do your research and talk to your doctor before going on this. Its pretty gentle, but still has some different side affects. For example DO not use this product in conjunction with benzyl peroxide products, your skin will turn orange or yellow and you will look like a minion!!! ( if you don’t know what a minion is, look up despicable me…Not a good look. )
For moisturizer I use the enbrightenment lotion. Just a light lotion that doesn’t break me out. And I also use the aveda green science eye cream! Just because you don’t have wrinkles now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an eye cream! Be preventative! Everyone 25 and older should have a good eye cream.
I’ve also discovered lush products this year. I use their mask of magniminty once a week on my face and back. This smells so yummy and my skin feels great after. I use one of their scrubs as well once a week. Its called herbalism. Its messy, doesn’t smell great but I like how my skin feels and looks after. Lush is amazing, but their product’s shelf life isn’t long. I’m going to have to throw out half of my mask before it expires next week 😦
I’ve also changed my makeup routine around. I still use quite a bit, its really a layering process! Primers, tinted moisturisers, concealers and powders. But I’m learning to be a little more lighter handed in my application and not wearing makeup on days I’m not going anywhere. Like “minimal makeup Mondays or slob Sundays” 🙂
Some tips I’d recommend for anyone with the occasional breakout to full blown acne:
– Work with an aesthetician if you have the means to. Get regular facials with products designed for your skin and issues.
-Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about medications if your skin is really bad. There are so many things out there now. Be informed. Do your research too.
-Get products for your skin type. The market is oversaturated with fancy labels and outlandish claims! Look up the website and iPhone app “makeupalley”. This gives reviews on tons of makeup and skin products. Also YouTube, its a great place to find reviews as well.
-For all you “pickers” out there, I was told by an Aveda educator “if you know that client is going to pick, teach them the right way.” This means, clean hands!! Wrapped in tissues! Only extract white heads that are at the surface and ready to go. Exfoliate before hand and only work on skin that’s fresh out of the shower and steam. It has to be softened, if not, you can potentially scar your skin. If your squeezing and nothing happens. Leave it alone!!! Come back to it another day! If not you’ll be left red and bleeding and looking like a crater face.
– Drink plenty of h20! water is your skins best friend! I really see a major difference in a persons skin who drinks a lot of water compared to a dehydrated person.
-Eat well!… My downfall, my weakness…I love Mcdonalds. So, So much… 😦 Diet plays a major roll in healthy skin. Eat veggies and fruit. Limit dairy and grease.
-Get lots of sleep and try to reduce stressors in your life! Stress is a huge thing when it comes to acne! Take up yoga, go for a walk, or beat the crap out of a punching bag, whatever works! 🙂
Sorry about the lengthy post. I swear when I was asked to write a 1000 word paper in school I always struggled…but ask me to write about Acne and I could talk for days and days!
Hope this sort of helps anyone. I know its an ongoing battle with me and probably my biggest insecurity. It’ll work out though. In the meantime, I’m going to ‘put on my face’ and head out for lunch!
-Nicole xo



I’m not sure where my obsession with Eyebrows came from, but I can assure you I didn’t always love mine. In Grade 8 I remember taking a razor to the middles of them and I thought I looked aweeesommeeee! Fast forward 12 years and I cringe at old pics of my half eyebrowed, acne prone, brace-face!. Being “blessed” with dark hair genes has its advantages and many disadvantages. Sure I have thick, arched eyebrows, but I have to wax the dam things almost weekly, so as to avoid the dreaded “uni brow” or “Bert & Ernie” affect. *shudders*

Working as an aesthetician, My favourite thing to do is eyebrow waxing and tinting. I feel it makes a major difference in a persons appearance.They are also one of the most ignored things when it comes to a beauty regime. If you’re going to put on a full face of make-up, why aren’t you putting in the time to tweeze and fill in your brows? Or why are you coloring your hair at a salon and not tinting your brows to compliment the look?

Eyebrows are huge, figuratively and literally in the fashion and beauty world right now. There are  “brow gurus” who are making a living on simply doing eyebrows (My dream!… If only Cape Breton had the market for that 😦 ) ….Guess I’ll just have to settle for giving out some tips on getting ideal arches for now.

– Your Brows are sisters…not twins. No one will have exactly the same brows on both sides as no ones face is perfectly symmetrical. Do not go “tweezer happy” trying to achieve perfection.

– If your hair on your head is dark, your brows should be 1-2 shades lighter and if your hair is lighter, your brows should be 1-2 shades darker. Bleached out brows are huge right now in high fashion and runways and I feel that’s exactly where they should stay. Not easy to pull of on a day to day basis.

-Everyone can benefit from tinting. Especially redheads and blondes. I even tint my brows and they are already dark brown . It just picks up on all the little hairs and makes brows appear to be fuller.

-If you want to fix a brow mishap or grow your brows back out, Step 1: hide or throw out your tweezers! (Extreme I know, but trust me here) Also, step away from the 1000000x magnifying lamps too. They are bad news for eyebrows and anyone who likes to pick an occasional pimple.

-Step 2- book an appointment and get your brows done professionally and frequently. This may take a few trips to fix the problem. I have clients come every 2 weeks til we achieve our goal and then go every 4-6 weeks to maintain….

-Be patient and also understand different factors come into play if your brows will come back to the way you want them i.e. original natural shape, age, how badly tweezed or waxed the brows are, etc.

-Trimming is your friend, in moderation. Only trim long hairs that fall outside the shape of the brow. Don’t go overboard though or your brows will be left with gaps.

-Invest in a good eyebrow pencil, eyebrow shadow, or eyebrow gel.. Some great brands are Anastasia Beverly Hills(My personal fave) Benefit , Aveda, MAC, Maybelline and Revlon.

-Creep Youtube. There are lots of great tutorials on how to fill in your brows whether you want them natural or dramatic. However, there are many bad tutorials out there also.DO NOT make them look like a black sharpie attacked your face!!! This is not a good look….

And there you have it. Just a few tips from me to you. Hope this was helpful 🙂