Acne sucks…

You would think having acne when you’re 15 would be enough for one person, but since I’m so lucky, I got to have it again in my 20s!!! Yey!!!!! …not.
In my personal experience, adult acne is the worst. I’ve tried everything.(besides Accutane, that’s too intense for my liking) You would think being an aesthetician I could have great skin but you’d be Wrongoooo! I feel the fact that I have access to soooo many things that I’m constantly experimenting with my poor skin. If there is one thing to know about me is, I love product! If it has fancy or sparkly packaging ,no questions asked, I’m buying it!  ( I’m like a crow)
The only good thing about having acne is I feel I can relate more to my clients with acne.  I know it sucks. I know its a vicious cycle of wear more makeup to cover it up, make face worse because of wearing the makeup and so on.  I know people pick at the breakouts.( don’t judge, I do it too sometimes, but i do it the right way if I’m going to do it) Sorry fellow aestheticians, you’re probably cringing I know….but you do it too!!
But this past January, I had enough. I’ve changed how I look after my skin. I had to. I was becoming scarred not only on my face, but my back too! 😦
image  image (13)  <– These pics were taken around the middle of January. Scary…I know..
Currently I am using unscented hypoallergenic baby wipes to take off my war paint. ( this was recommended by a doctor. Cheaper then makeup wipes, you get more in a pack, and they don’t leave that stingy feeling on your skin or delicate eye area)
I use either aveda enbrightenment cleanser which I love and have been using since I started working with aveda products. Or I’ve recently discovered in the last 2 months a Vichy cleanser. This cleanser also doubles as a mask if you leave it to harden!
I then use my holy grail toner. The enbrightenment toner. This has salicylic acid in it. I love this. I will never change it. It really helps break up any leftover makeup and promotes skin cell turnover, which acne prone skin needs help with. My skin is very prone to hyperpigmentation left behind from any breakout I get also. So this enbrightenment line helps with this over time as well.
A client actually informed me about this next product. Its a topical prescription medication that I really feel is making a huge difference. It is called aczone. This probably isn’t for everyone, so do your research and talk to your doctor before going on this. Its pretty gentle, but still has some different side affects. For example DO not use this product in conjunction with benzyl peroxide products, your skin will turn orange or yellow and you will look like a minion!!! ( if you don’t know what a minion is, look up despicable me…Not a good look. )
For moisturizer I use the enbrightenment lotion. Just a light lotion that doesn’t break me out. And I also use the aveda green science eye cream! Just because you don’t have wrinkles now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an eye cream! Be preventative! Everyone 25 and older should have a good eye cream.
I’ve also discovered lush products this year. I use their mask of magniminty once a week on my face and back. This smells so yummy and my skin feels great after. I use one of their scrubs as well once a week. Its called herbalism. Its messy, doesn’t smell great but I like how my skin feels and looks after. Lush is amazing, but their product’s shelf life isn’t long. I’m going to have to throw out half of my mask before it expires next week 😦
I’ve also changed my makeup routine around. I still use quite a bit, its really a layering process! Primers, tinted moisturisers, concealers and powders. But I’m learning to be a little more lighter handed in my application and not wearing makeup on days I’m not going anywhere. Like “minimal makeup Mondays or slob Sundays” 🙂
Some tips I’d recommend for anyone with the occasional breakout to full blown acne:
– Work with an aesthetician if you have the means to. Get regular facials with products designed for your skin and issues.
-Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about medications if your skin is really bad. There are so many things out there now. Be informed. Do your research too.
-Get products for your skin type. The market is oversaturated with fancy labels and outlandish claims! Look up the website and iPhone app “makeupalley”. This gives reviews on tons of makeup and skin products. Also YouTube, its a great place to find reviews as well.
-For all you “pickers” out there, I was told by an Aveda educator “if you know that client is going to pick, teach them the right way.” This means, clean hands!! Wrapped in tissues! Only extract white heads that are at the surface and ready to go. Exfoliate before hand and only work on skin that’s fresh out of the shower and steam. It has to be softened, if not, you can potentially scar your skin. If your squeezing and nothing happens. Leave it alone!!! Come back to it another day! If not you’ll be left red and bleeding and looking like a crater face.
– Drink plenty of h20! water is your skins best friend! I really see a major difference in a persons skin who drinks a lot of water compared to a dehydrated person.
-Eat well!… My downfall, my weakness…I love Mcdonalds. So, So much… 😦 Diet plays a major roll in healthy skin. Eat veggies and fruit. Limit dairy and grease.
-Get lots of sleep and try to reduce stressors in your life! Stress is a huge thing when it comes to acne! Take up yoga, go for a walk, or beat the crap out of a punching bag, whatever works! 🙂
Sorry about the lengthy post. I swear when I was asked to write a 1000 word paper in school I always struggled…but ask me to write about Acne and I could talk for days and days!
Hope this sort of helps anyone. I know its an ongoing battle with me and probably my biggest insecurity. It’ll work out though. In the meantime, I’m going to ‘put on my face’ and head out for lunch!
-Nicole xo

4 thoughts on “Acne sucks…

  1. I had terrible skin for many years and tired everything. Eventually a friend let me use their Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar soap, which I though might break me out but I tried it anyway. My skin felt so clean that I kept using it and it actually cleared up my face within a week. It’s inexpensive (about $4 for a bar that lasts for weeks). I also use Neostrata Oil Free Smoothing Lotion Level 3 (it exfoliates and moisturizes). Eating healthy raw veggies (especially spinach) and fruits has also made a huge difference. I don’t know what my skin would be like without Kiss My Face. No need for expensive products! I don’t work for KMF either but maybe I should lol.


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