Makeup essentials!


The whole reason I chose to go into a career in aesthetics was simply because of makeup. It was the first real love of my life and passion. I was tom-boyish and clueless in elementary and jr high with anything beauty related (believe me when I say I went through some pretty awkward stages and Frosty, glittery eye shadow and lip gloss for high school dances was my go to look.) Now It’s all so bizarre (but actually really awesome) that I now find myself being asked for makeup tips.

If you were to refer to my previous post on acne, you’ll know my skin isn’t always the greatest, but I’ve managed to figure out how to hide that and not look like a cakey, orange, clown face.( and if you’re going for that look, hey, all the power to you! Ill pass on that though for daily wear and just save it for Halloween) 🙂 )

I would however suggest a few basic tips, products and ideas for anyone that considers themselves “clueless” when it comes to makeup and needs help with finding out what to do and most importantly, what NOT to do to make them look their best.

1) Great makeup starts out with great skin care. You couldn’t build a house without a good, sturdy foundation and you can’t expect your makeup to look the best if you don’t wash, tone, treat and moisturize your skin before application of your makeup. This makes any powders or creams look better and prolongs the life of your makeup throughout the day.

2) Tinted Moisturizers, BB creams are great and fool prof!!! Especially if you aren’t into full coverage makeup. They are great for younger people rather then full blown foundation. They are super easy to apply, either with your hands, a brush or sponge. I go between two types right now depending on my mood. I love my Mineral tinted moisture from Aveda( it has spf in it which is great, because I tend to slack sometimes when it comes to sun protection…sorry 😦 ) and I also use Garnier’s Skin Renew BB Cream for combination to oily skin. Both are light coverage and the best part is, they don’t make me break out!!

3)Concealer is my bff. It hides my dark circles, breakouts and redness when I layer it with my tinted moisturizers. Sometimes if I’m really lazy, I’ll skip any other face makeup and just use concealer as a quick fix and spot cover things. Some decent, affordable ones out there are from The Balm Cosmetics (Time Balm concealer), NYX, Maybelline (age rewind dark circle eraser and illuminating concealer) , Sonia Kashuk and then a little pricier one I like would be from Mac.

And as far as different concealer colors out there, there are lots of different skin tone ones to match different people. The Green concealers are for covering redness and the Yellow or orangey ones are for shadows or dark circles. 

4)Powder is a must to set everything and make your concealers and bb creams last. They are also a must for people who tend to get shiny throughout the day and great for touching up. I actually use Aveda’s Dual Powder Foundation.(it can be used by itself as well) This gives me a little more coverage for my breakouts and prevents me from looking like there’s an oil slick on my forehead. I have used various other kinds and brands throughout my life. Revlon, Maybelline, BH cosmetics, cover girl, mac, etc.

5)Blush and Bronzer is key unless you want to look like a ghost after all that concealer, tinted moisturizers and powders. Less is more in this category. It is easier to apply more in the end then applying too much to begin with and have to wipe it all off or blend it like crazy and waste time. Apply blush on the apples or rounds of your cheeks and apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face ( i.e. cheek bones, nose, chin and top of your forehead) Be careful as to not make yourself look like an oompa loompa or snooki.

6) Have fun with eye shadows. Go lighter and more neutral in the day and more dramatic in the night. Get a palette with all sorts of colors so you can experiment and figure out what looks good on you. Some great colors depending on your eye color are as follows:

Brown eyes- purple, turquoise, bronze, gold, silver, any neutrals.

Blue eyes- bronze, gold, neutrals

Green- Neutrals, purples, gold, pinkish or rose shades 

Hazel- purple, neutrals, rose shades.

Eye shadow takes practice. You don’t become great right away and I still struggle with this part of my makeup routine.

Sephora has tons of expensive and inexpensive palletes. I have also discovered and LOVEEE They have so many inexpensive, good quality eye shadows. I bought four palletes last April for under $30!! (including shipping)

7) Eyeliner. You can use pencil, liquid, cream, gel and powder. This also takes patience and practise. Powder and pencil is the most forgiving, it doesn’t have to be perfect and can be smudged for dramatic, Smokey looks!  Liquid is the most difficult to use. The classic flick or cat eyeliner is my favorite. Use a small piece of tape under your lashes as a guide for your line till you get better at making that line.

8) Curling your lashes and applying Mascara is essential. Even if you chose to not wear eye shadow or liner, please use mascara. It  makes a huge difference in how you look. I find it makes a person look more awake and your eyes look bigger and your whole look. look more complete.

9) Now on to my favorite and the last step! Lip products! Whether you chose lip-gloss, pencil or lipstick, always “have your lips on!!” ( as my aesthetics instructor would say ;)) Experiment with colors and textures. Don’t be afraid of the not so mainstream colors ( Orange and Purple lips are huge now!) Glosses are easiest to apply but don’t last as long as Lipstick and lip pencils. I’m a sucker for classic, matte red lips and I probably own a billion red lipsticks. Lipstick gives life and color to your face and It’s the quickest thing to apply if you only have a minute to get yourself together. Some good brands out there are Aveda, MAC, Milani, NYX, Maybelline, avon, urban decay, etc.

P.S. Buying good makeup brushes and tools is also a tip I’d highly recommend. It’ll make all this whole applying makeup thing easier and you’ll look fancier doing it too. Being elbow deep in foundation and having different colored finger tips isn’t always the best look.

I obviously don’t discriminate with my makeup. I love high end and drugstore brands in all types of makeup. I love browsing Wal-Mart, target, Sephora and department stores. Find what you like and use it. Practise makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and if people want anymore help, I do, do makeup lessons where I work. It’s probably the most fun you’ll have in a while! You will get some tips and tricks, get your makeup done and the best part about it is, getting to hang out with and be entertained by ME for a whole hour! It’s a Win-Win People!!!

-Nicole xo



Pictured Above- My little Bh Cosmetics haul last year.


Above- Some favorite NYX products. You can find this brand at Lawtons or Target.


Jess and I doing the backstage hustle at Les Miserable last year ❤  




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