Get Involved!

This past Monday I got to participate in something very different and fun.

A hair stylist (hey, Shauna!) and I were asked by a client to go to Access 808 and beautify some young mothers. Access 808 is a centre for helping youth in the community whether they are homeless, finically burdened or just in bad situations at home. Shauna and another hairdresser did the hair and I got to do makeup.

This was all put on because they were celebrating their first mothers day by having a mini photo shoot and the coordinator thought it would be great for the girls to feel really confident and pretty.

Some of these young mothers never do anything for themselves.They are either too busy chasing their children around or some lack the funds to do luxury things, like get their hair or makeup done professionally, that i must admit, I take for granted sometimes.

I tried giving them quick tips on inexpensive but good makeup and how wearing just a little makeup can make a huge difference on how they see themselves. Some girls wanted glam smokey eyes and others just wanted a little bit of gloss and blush. Meanwhile, Shauna curled and pinned her little butt off.

I cant disclose too much info about the girls, but seeing their faces after they were done was a great feeling! (One girl even got emotional  😦  )

Even though I sometimes moan and complain about doing extra work outside of actual ” work”…things like this are worth it.

Last year I also had the opportunity to work with Look Good Feel Better a few times til my work schedule changed. Doing makeup for women gong through cancer treatment was a pretty emotional thing.

I feel like if you have the opportunity to use your skills to help someone, whether thats doing makeup, hair, cooking, cleaning, whatever.. Just do it. A little goes a long way. People appreciate things and its good for your karma too 😉

-nicole xo


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