Exciting Update!!!

Remove any small children from around your computer screen…What you are about to see may scare you…………………………………..scroll down if you dare. 😉






Sorry for the dramatic intro, but here is my no makeup, no filter Selfie for the whole world! Never in a million years would I have ever have posted this when my skin was bad. I have been working hard the past 6-7 months to fix my skin. Its not perfect ( dam you hyperpigmentation!!!!) but it has come leaps and bounds! When I wrote my post back in April on Acne, I had a lot of feedback and messages on it. I know a lot of people suffer from teenage and adult acne and it takes a huge blow to your confidence. I’m still a little self conscious about my scars and left over redness…but I won’t be afraid to go to the beach or pool without a full face of makeup this summer, which is HUGEEEE deal!

So basically what this little post is about and sorry for the cheesiness of it, is your skin can and WILL GET BETTER. Find what works for you. If you don’t know, ask for help. Research different products, Talk to an aesthetician, doctor or pharmacist.

You can be your own worst enemy or best friend in this process. Don’t let a little or a lot of breakouts ruin your day like it did a lot of the time for me. 😦

I had a client tell me my skin was flawless the other day….I could of kissed her!(I didn’t thought, because that would of been weird) So I just said thank you and secretly did a little dance in my head. Point is, if you yourself don’t have acne and you know someone suffering from skin issues and notice an improvement, tell them. It will seriously make their day or week!

So there is my little Sunday blurb and sappy session.  Have an awesome day!

-Nicole xo 🙂




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