Girl vs. Boy “Pretty”

The age old debate.

What Men think is pretty and what women find pretty or attractive can sometimes be a lot different or a lot alike.

I know I’ve had this conversation with a few friends of mine and we have decided that there are just some styles of clothing, hair or makeup that most men find unattractive and too far “out there” for them to even understand (Silly boys!).

I love “different” or weird things (probably because I’m little odd myself!) and I get to work in the beauty industry with all kinds of stylish people. We get to have fun and experiment with our clothes, makeup and hair! No boring cooperate suits for moi!! (not that there is anything wrong with that, just not for me 🙂 )

In the last few years from listening to guys I know and their unsolicited “opinions” , I’ve come to discover some things our male counterparts just don’t like or as I like to put it…”they just don’t ‘get’ about fashion”… Most Men like pretty, simple looks. Whether that’s a basic tee and jeans or a plain figure flaunting dress. Which by no means I don’t love too! but I’m just discussing the differences between what women and men can find attractive in women.

photo (5)

Above- faux leather crop top + slouchy printed pants = my father and bf’s worst nightmare in an outfit, yet all the women at the party loved it. I looked so “hip’ and “right out of new York” as one of my grand aunts stated….funny because this did come from my New York trip! Bam! 😉 Sorry, not sorry!!!!!!!

1) Crop tops, floral headbands, huge statement jewelry, Rompers, Baggy pants, harem pants, bright patterned tights, high waisted anything(skirts,pants, etc.) . Do I love them all? Yes, Definitely! I live for rompers and anything stylish yet comfortable. But take these comments from the males in my life for instance when I’ve worn any of these items, i.e. from my father “oh, you already have your pjs on” referring to my high waisted slouchy pants from last night or as Steve likes to fondly call my bright tights when I wear them “my wrestling pants” or “macho-man tights”…pfttt, but what do they know anyway!?!? 😦


2)Makeup- Now men “think” (yes, I know, I had no idea that men had thoughts too) but they think like “natural makeup”…..or no makeup at all. And I doubt they know that the natural look takes like 25 different products to make you look like you aren’t wearing any makeup!!!!!! wtf!? When really……

photo (6)

^^^^Pretty self explanatory.

I’m not saying some men don’t like smokey eyes or crazy colored lipstick, but  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the majority are just confused when it comes to this stuff. They confuse easily, so if your man doesn’t like these things, try and tone it down a little bit. Or if you’re anything like me, wear it anyway!! LOL 😉

Oh! and don’t forget those fake lashes and nails……men love those……………………..

photo (7)

3) Hair- I know tons of ladies that cut their hair off right after their wedding and after the long process of growing it out to wear it in a updo for their big day. I also know tons of ladies that have beautiful faces that are just emphasized by shorter dos. However, men are hardwired to like long luscious locks. Something to do with finding an “ideal” mate and fertility or whatever. Its programmed into them since the stone age and probably will never change. But if you want to hack your hair off, which I have done numerous times throughout my life, Do it! Hair grows and you don’t judge your men for his mismatched socks and scruff on his face, so he shouldn’t say anything but “that looks nice, dear!”

Hair color is another touchy subject. I’d say the majority of men like “natural” colored hair. No crazy purples, reds or blues.  Personally, I love that stuff and if you can be confident and pull it off, that’s awesome!


I think if a woman likes something and its not the norm, wear it anyway. Fashion and makeup are supposed to be fun and reflect everyone’s individual tastes. This also applies to men. If you look back at pictures of yourself and say “ew, I hate what I wore” or “what was I thinking with that hair cut”…least you have something to laugh at when your 90. No bodies perfect.

-Nicole xo 🙂


Now all this being said, In my case I may be biased because I live in a small town. With a community where anything “really different” is judged. By men AND women alike. I know in bigger cities, it’s no biggie to have crazy colored hair and to wear whatever the hell you want and walk down the street without awkward stares! I really wish CB would just catch up already!


The Fashionista Award


I was nominated by the lovely and talented msbeautyguru for the Fashionista Award! Thanks Doll! 🙂

For the  people I will be nominating HERE  is the link to the original post with all the information and rules for your very own post! Good luck and happy blogging! 🙂

Here are the questions and my answers! :

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

I am an aesthetician that is very interested in reading and researching new beauty things. I used to enjoy writing when I was younger and really got away from it and I have no idea why. I have always read and spent countless hours on beauty blogs and watched tons of YouTube videos daily and I figured “hey, what the heck!! I can do this too!”….blogging is also turning into a great hobby and outlet for me.

beauty b

2) Favorite movies?

The nerd in me is going to have say The Hunger Games. I also love any type of action hero movie! Like the Avengers, Thor, Iron Man….This is the tom boy part of me coming out! haha


3) What is you’re dream career?

I’m kind of already doing it! I work in an Aveda Spa as an Aesthetician. I would love to eventually teach aesthetics at some point in my life as well.


4) Top wish list items at the moment?

I have a huge wish list as the moment (not surprising!) but top things would have to be 1) a Belletto Airbrush makeup system. 2) The Maybelline “The Nudes” pallet ( I have searched high and low for this in my town and it is sold out everywhere!!) 3)The Lorac Pro pallet 2nd edition. 4) Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation


5) Favorite television shows?

Is it weird that I don’t watch that much television?? I do however watch a lot of movies and sports events….but If I had to choose some actual shows I enjoy, they would be “The Social” ( a daytime Canadian talk show) , The Following and I do watch Keeping up with the Kardashians from time to time ( don’t judge me!!!!!!) They are just so ridiculous, I cant help but watch! It’s like a train wreck waiting to happen!



6) What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Where I’m from there isn’t a huge selection for where you can shop…I do love my Target and Walmart though!! I also love Suzy Shier, Winners and The Bay.

Online shopping is a big saviour for our limited shopping problem and I find myself on Forever 21, Gojane, Lulus, Tobi, Sephora, Mac and Ebay.

7) Favorite fashion designers?

Again, I don’t know if this makes me weird or not…but I am not big into designer labels. I like the odd coach thing and even Michael kors…but it just doesn’t do it for me! Disgraceful, I know! :/


8) Describe you’re dream vacation?

Take me anywhere hot and with a beach! I love relaxing vacations! I also wouldn’t mind heading over to Europe to do some exploring.


9) What are the goals for you’re blog?

My goals for this blog are very simple. I just want people to read and enjoy it. I had no major expectations when I began this journey. I just wanted a way to be productive with my time and do something I truly enjoy. Having strangers message me and people I haven’t seen in ages come up and talk to me about my blog is seriously the best feeling. I just want my blog to continue to grow and become better as I grow and learn.


10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

This is a tough one. I would love to interview a few people. One being my girl crush Jennifer Lawrence. I feel she would be just so down to earth and chill, it would seem like you are talking to any ol regular girlfriend.


The end!!!

For my nominations I pick ;

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-Nicole xo 🙂




Warm vs. Cool vs. Neutral- Skin UnderTone Finder For Dummies

Perplexed when people say..” What’s your skin undertone?”

You’re not alone. Picking out the right shades of makeup and the best colors for clothing can be tricky enough as it is…and then makeup companies have to confuse you even more by saying…”Maybe you’re an NC20..or maybe an NW25″ or “maybe you should get a warm red instead of the cool red lipstick”…. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!!??!!!!

Fear no more…I have a few hints on how you can figure out your undertones and pick the best possible makeup for you!!

In advance, You’re welcome 😉 😉

1) Without makeup on….what do you look best in? Crisp White or Off white? If you answered Crisp white, then you probably have warm undertones. Look best in off white? then you’re cool toned. Look kickass in both?? You very well could have neutral undertones and you can wear anything! Lucky you!

2)Do you reach for Gold jewelry more often? If so, you have warm undertones. Love silver…then you guessed it…you are cool! Love both?? pfffttt ….again…lucky you, you are genetically blessed.

3)Look at your wrists. Are the veins blue or purplish? Your undertones are cool. Are the veins greenish? Then you guessed it, your undertones are warm. If you can’t quite distinguish the color and some are blue and some are green….you’re probably a neutral gal.

4) Last but not least…How does your skin react to sun exposure? If you tan easily to a nice brown, you’re undertones are more then likely on the warm side. If you rarely tan and burn to nice crisp (refer to my Sun safety post first ) and accept there is a good chance your undertones are on the cool side. If you somewhat tan…sometimes burn, you could be neutral.


Now…..this is not a scientific formula that you have to stick to when picking out colors for your makeup and clothing. I pretty well wear whatever I like and whatever I am comfortable in.

What looks best can all depend on your skin tone & undertones, eye color, hair color, and depends on your mood that day. Experiment with different colors. What may look awesome on your blonde hair, blue eyed, cool undertoned bestie, may look horrendous on you!! 😦 but its worth a shot!

Also, keep in mind different makeup companies have different opinions on what classifies as “cool” “neutral” “warm”… test things in store if possible, walk around a little while. Products tend to oxidize on the skin after a while and will turn more to the warm side, so you may have to try another shade.

-If you are shopping online, hit up google and see if the brand of foundation or powder or whatever you are looking at has a “shade finder” quiz. I have done this a few times, and it helps narrow my search through the billion shades there are out there.



Hope this helps with any confusion. Once you get the hang of spotting colors that are “your colors” and work best for your undertone, its easy!!! It will really only take seeing yourself in a few pics wearing that new pink lipstick you thought was hottttttttt to tell you if its a yey! or ney! …trust me, I know…pale pink is not my color. 😦

-Nicole 😉 xo

color wheel









Beauty Hacks!!

So who doesn’t like to save time and money?!

If you answered, “ugghhh not me!” ….well, this post is clearly not for you!

Beauty Hacks are basically just beauty tricks and tips that everyone and anyone can do. Some may be common sense and some are not.

So lets get into it shall we?

1) Hair conditioner as shave cream!!! – I get a much closer and smoother shave! Just don’t use the expensive stuff, save that for your head! Any ol conditioner will do! So, Voila! You don’t have to buy two separate products anymore!

2) Hair spray as brow tamer!! – Unruly brows?? They are hairs after all! Use a little hair spray on a clean mascara wand or spooly and just brush your brows in place.

3) Toothbrushes don’t just have to be for your teeth…you can use them to exfoliate your lips… clean under your nails and tame fly aways in your hair. Just use different brushes for each thing please! (Ewww)

4)Use Translucent powder to make lipsticks matte. Apply lipstick of your choice, place a tissue over your lips and brush powder over!! This also prolongs the wear of the lipstick!

5)Allergic to Nickel and cheap costume jewelry?…use clear nail polish to make a barrier between the piece and your skin!! This trick has been a huge life saver of mine! I use it on belt buckles and even rivets in jeans! Dam sensitive skin!!

6)Scuffed shoes? Use nail polish in a similar color to fix the spot!

7)Need a lip scrub?? Go to your kitchen! Use coconut oil or any oil really and brown sugar mixed together! 🙂

8) Bruised legs and discoloration on your body can be fixed with a light BB cream you would use on your face! Just make sure you apply it evenly.

9)Spray Bobby pins with hair spray to make them stick and stay in hair better

10) Suck at applying that perfect winged liner?? Use scotch tape under lower lash line as a guide till you get better at it!

11) No time to curl or wave your hair? Put hair into one or two or as many braids as you want and run a flat iron over them and let them cool down! Easy!!:)

12) Summer got you sweaty and kind of smelly?? apply bergamot oil!! It diminishes the smell!

13) No thigh gap? no problemo!! Use deodorant on insides of thighs to prevent rubbing and chafing!! Genius…I know!

14) Cold tea bags double as a nice eye treatment to reduce puffiness.

15) Another good use for scotch tape is to pick up any fallout from shadows or glitter!!

16) Nail polish gone a little clumpy? add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle. You may be able to get a few more uses out the color!

17) If you hate putting on foot lotion and having to walk around afterwards, put on socks and wear them to bed! It will lock the moisture in. This also goes for hands, if you can stand putting on gloves to go to sleep! Do it!

18) Hair being unruly and staticky, run a dryer sheet over your head!

19) If you want to really curl your lashes and you don’t have a heated curler…take an old fashioned metal one and run it under a hair dryer for a few seconds. Test on your wrist to make sure its not too hot and curl your lashes as normal!

20) Use lotion to remove eye makeup. I can not remember the last time I bought actual eye makeup remover! Thicker face lotion can do double duty now! I also find it more gentle then some of the removers available.

And there you have it…A few tips and tricks I have picked up along the way! Anyone else have other beauty tips or tricks they would care to share!? Let me know!

-Nicole xo 🙂

Younique 3D Mascara: Worth the Hype?

        In the past few months I have seen and heard about this “Miracle” mascara that everyone and their mother’s raved about. Younique 3D Fiber mascara.

     “It replaces false lashes!” they say…”Its the best thing ever!” “Life changer!!” blah…blah…blah.

     Sooooo me being curious and all, I decided to shell out the *cringe* $35 bones for a mascara. You see, I may buy lots of things but I am very, very cheap. (Why buy one thing that’s expensive when I can have five instead!?) I love drugstore mascaras and have never used anything but, so as you can imagine, I had a very hard time doing this and as I hovered over the “send money” button, I thought to myself “This #%*@ better be worth it!”

    So fast forward a week or so later, My girlfriend delivered a black eyeglass case looking thing to my work ( thanks Chantal! 🙂 )

     First impression, the packaging is smart. It keeps the two tubes it comes with in place. This will save me time and grief in the morning so I don’t lose any of these essential things.

     I have previously watched videos and tutorials on how to apply the products and also had clients bring it in to use on themselves during prom or wedding makeup applications, but I must say I appreciate having actual written instructions in front of me. So having these included in the packaging is great…especially if you are clueless when it comes to makeup.

    Now, here is the tricky part. I found in order for this mascara to look nice and not super spidery, you have to take your time applying it.

    The instructions recommend that you apply another type of regular mascara to give it a base first. Then apply the Gel Mascara, then the fibers, then another coat of gel and so on. Doing one eye at a time. Also, it works best if you use a lash comb or clean mascara wand to brush through your lashes, so they don’t end up looking clumpy.

     Less is more with this stuff. Build it up slowly, not all at once. On days I have more time, I put quite a few coats on. But be careful, those little fiber buggers are messy. If you aren’t careful, you will have them fall all over your cheeks or worse….in your EYE!! ( it hurts, trust me. I spent my first day wearing this feeling like my eyeballs were on fire!!!)

    Overall, minus the inflamed eyeballs(my mistake) I must say, I am a very satisfied customer with this purchase. I love the way it looks. I do have long, dark eyelashes anyway, but I feel it makes a huge difference compared to my regular mascaras. So I figure if someone else out there has little, thin lashes, they might love this product even more!

On a side note….I will still wear temporary false lashes when going out (which is never anymore, but whatever, I can pretend). I would probably use them in addition to this mascara! The more drama the better right?!

Here is my before and after of the first day using it!


 – Nicole xo 🙂