Beauty Hacks!!

So who doesn’t like to save time and money?!

If you answered, “ugghhh not me!” ….well, this post is clearly not for you!

Beauty Hacks are basically just beauty tricks and tips that everyone and anyone can do. Some may be common sense and some are not.

So lets get into it shall we?

1) Hair conditioner as shave cream!!! – I get a much closer and smoother shave! Just don’t use the expensive stuff, save that for your head! Any ol conditioner will do! So, Voila! You don’t have to buy two separate products anymore!

2) Hair spray as brow tamer!! – Unruly brows?? They are hairs after all! Use a little hair spray on a clean mascara wand or spooly and just brush your brows in place.

3) Toothbrushes don’t just have to be for your teeth…you can use them to exfoliate your lips… clean under your nails and tame fly aways in your hair. Just use different brushes for each thing please! (Ewww)

4)Use Translucent powder to make lipsticks matte. Apply lipstick of your choice, place a tissue over your lips and brush powder over!! This also prolongs the wear of the lipstick!

5)Allergic to Nickel and cheap costume jewelry?…use clear nail polish to make a barrier between the piece and your skin!! This trick has been a huge life saver of mine! I use it on belt buckles and even rivets in jeans! Dam sensitive skin!!

6)Scuffed shoes? Use nail polish in a similar color to fix the spot!

7)Need a lip scrub?? Go to your kitchen! Use coconut oil or any oil really and brown sugar mixed together! 🙂

8) Bruised legs and discoloration on your body can be fixed with a light BB cream you would use on your face! Just make sure you apply it evenly.

9)Spray Bobby pins with hair spray to make them stick and stay in hair better

10) Suck at applying that perfect winged liner?? Use scotch tape under lower lash line as a guide till you get better at it!

11) No time to curl or wave your hair? Put hair into one or two or as many braids as you want and run a flat iron over them and let them cool down! Easy!!:)

12) Summer got you sweaty and kind of smelly?? apply bergamot oil!! It diminishes the smell!

13) No thigh gap? no problemo!! Use deodorant on insides of thighs to prevent rubbing and chafing!! Genius…I know!

14) Cold tea bags double as a nice eye treatment to reduce puffiness.

15) Another good use for scotch tape is to pick up any fallout from shadows or glitter!!

16) Nail polish gone a little clumpy? add a few drops of nail polish remover to the bottle. You may be able to get a few more uses out the color!

17) If you hate putting on foot lotion and having to walk around afterwards, put on socks and wear them to bed! It will lock the moisture in. This also goes for hands, if you can stand putting on gloves to go to sleep! Do it!

18) Hair being unruly and staticky, run a dryer sheet over your head!

19) If you want to really curl your lashes and you don’t have a heated curler…take an old fashioned metal one and run it under a hair dryer for a few seconds. Test on your wrist to make sure its not too hot and curl your lashes as normal!

20) Use lotion to remove eye makeup. I can not remember the last time I bought actual eye makeup remover! Thicker face lotion can do double duty now! I also find it more gentle then some of the removers available.

And there you have it…A few tips and tricks I have picked up along the way! Anyone else have other beauty tips or tricks they would care to share!? Let me know!

-Nicole xo 🙂


5 thoughts on “Beauty Hacks!!

  1. #16 has been a life saver in terms of prolonging the life of my beloved nailpolishes! This might sound strange, but I feel like adding nailpolish remover to the bottle sometimes even improves the staying power of the nailpolish and it doesn’t chip as much!

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! For instructions and my questions, you can go here:

    Good luck! 🙂


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