Warm vs. Cool vs. Neutral- Skin UnderTone Finder For Dummies

Perplexed when people say..” What’s your skin undertone?”

You’re not alone. Picking out the right shades of makeup and the best colors for clothing can be tricky enough as it is…and then makeup companies have to confuse you even more by saying…”Maybe you’re an NC20..or maybe an NW25″ or “maybe you should get a warm red instead of the cool red lipstick”…. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!!??!!!!

Fear no more…I have a few hints on how you can figure out your undertones and pick the best possible makeup for you!!

In advance, You’re welcome 😉 😉

1) Without makeup on….what do you look best in? Crisp White or Off white? If you answered Crisp white, then you probably have warm undertones. Look best in off white? then you’re cool toned. Look kickass in both?? You very well could have neutral undertones and you can wear anything! Lucky you!

2)Do you reach for Gold jewelry more often? If so, you have warm undertones. Love silver…then you guessed it…you are cool! Love both?? pfffttt ….again…lucky you, you are genetically blessed.

3)Look at your wrists. Are the veins blue or purplish? Your undertones are cool. Are the veins greenish? Then you guessed it, your undertones are warm. If you can’t quite distinguish the color and some are blue and some are green….you’re probably a neutral gal.

4) Last but not least…How does your skin react to sun exposure? If you tan easily to a nice brown, you’re undertones are more then likely on the warm side. If you rarely tan and burn to nice crisp (refer to my Sun safety post first https://beautyjunkiesanonymous.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/sun-safety-and-self-tanning-because-spring-and-summer-are-hopefully-around-the-corner/ ) and accept there is a good chance your undertones are on the cool side. If you somewhat tan…sometimes burn, you could be neutral.


Now…..this is not a scientific formula that you have to stick to when picking out colors for your makeup and clothing. I pretty well wear whatever I like and whatever I am comfortable in.

What looks best can all depend on your skin tone & undertones, eye color, hair color, and depends on your mood that day. Experiment with different colors. What may look awesome on your blonde hair, blue eyed, cool undertoned bestie, may look horrendous on you!! 😦 but its worth a shot!

Also, keep in mind different makeup companies have different opinions on what classifies as “cool” “neutral” “warm”…..so test things in store if possible, walk around a little while. Products tend to oxidize on the skin after a while and will turn more to the warm side, so you may have to try another shade.

-If you are shopping online, hit up google and see if the brand of foundation or powder or whatever you are looking at has a “shade finder” quiz. I have done this a few times, and it helps narrow my search through the billion shades there are out there.



Hope this helps with any confusion. Once you get the hang of spotting colors that are “your colors” and work best for your undertone, its easy!!! It will really only take seeing yourself in a few pics wearing that new pink lipstick you thought was hottttttttt to tell you if its a yey! or ney! …trust me, I know…pale pink is not my color. 😦

-Nicole 😉 xo

color wheel










One thought on “Warm vs. Cool vs. Neutral- Skin UnderTone Finder For Dummies

  1. This is super helpful! I’ve always been so confused about cool vs. warm undertones, and which was which! Now I know! 🙂


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