Girl vs. Boy “Pretty”

The age old debate.

What Men think is pretty and what women find pretty or attractive can sometimes be a lot different or a lot alike.

I know I’ve had this conversation with a few friends of mine and we have decided that there are just some styles of clothing, hair or makeup that most men find unattractive and too far “out there” for them to even understand (Silly boys!).

I love “different” or weird things (probably because I’m little odd myself!) and I get to work in the beauty industry with all kinds of stylish people. We get to have fun and experiment with our clothes, makeup and hair! No boring cooperate suits for moi!! (not that there is anything wrong with that, just not for me 🙂 )

In the last few years from listening to guys I know and their unsolicited “opinions” , I’ve come to discover some things our male counterparts just don’t like or as I like to put it…”they just don’t ‘get’ about fashion”… Most Men like pretty, simple looks. Whether that’s a basic tee and jeans or a plain figure flaunting dress. Which by no means I don’t love too! but I’m just discussing the differences between what women and men can find attractive in women.

photo (5)

Above- faux leather crop top + slouchy printed pants = my father and bf’s worst nightmare in an outfit, yet all the women at the party loved it. I looked so “hip’ and “right out of new York” as one of my grand aunts stated….funny because this did come from my New York trip! Bam! 😉 Sorry, not sorry!!!!!!!

1) Crop tops, floral headbands, huge statement jewelry, Rompers, Baggy pants, harem pants, bright patterned tights, high waisted anything(skirts,pants, etc.) . Do I love them all? Yes, Definitely! I live for rompers and anything stylish yet comfortable. But take these comments from the males in my life for instance when I’ve worn any of these items, i.e. from my father “oh, you already have your pjs on” referring to my high waisted slouchy pants from last night or as Steve likes to fondly call my bright tights when I wear them “my wrestling pants” or “macho-man tights”…pfttt, but what do they know anyway!?!? 😦


2)Makeup- Now men “think” (yes, I know, I had no idea that men had thoughts too) but they think like “natural makeup”…..or no makeup at all. And I doubt they know that the natural look takes like 25 different products to make you look like you aren’t wearing any makeup!!!!!! wtf!? When really……

photo (6)

^^^^Pretty self explanatory.

I’m not saying some men don’t like smokey eyes or crazy colored lipstick, but  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the majority are just confused when it comes to this stuff. They confuse easily, so if your man doesn’t like these things, try and tone it down a little bit. Or if you’re anything like me, wear it anyway!! LOL 😉

Oh! and don’t forget those fake lashes and nails……men love those……………………..

photo (7)

3) Hair- I know tons of ladies that cut their hair off right after their wedding and after the long process of growing it out to wear it in a updo for their big day. I also know tons of ladies that have beautiful faces that are just emphasized by shorter dos. However, men are hardwired to like long luscious locks. Something to do with finding an “ideal” mate and fertility or whatever. Its programmed into them since the stone age and probably will never change. But if you want to hack your hair off, which I have done numerous times throughout my life, Do it! Hair grows and you don’t judge your men for his mismatched socks and scruff on his face, so he shouldn’t say anything but “that looks nice, dear!”

Hair color is another touchy subject. I’d say the majority of men like “natural” colored hair. No crazy purples, reds or blues.  Personally, I love that stuff and if you can be confident and pull it off, that’s awesome!


I think if a woman likes something and its not the norm, wear it anyway. Fashion and makeup are supposed to be fun and reflect everyone’s individual tastes. This also applies to men. If you look back at pictures of yourself and say “ew, I hate what I wore” or “what was I thinking with that hair cut”…least you have something to laugh at when your 90. No bodies perfect.

-Nicole xo 🙂


Now all this being said, In my case I may be biased because I live in a small town. With a community where anything “really different” is judged. By men AND women alike. I know in bigger cities, it’s no biggie to have crazy colored hair and to wear whatever the hell you want and walk down the street without awkward stares! I really wish CB would just catch up already!


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