Think, Before You Judge : An Aesthetician’s Memoir.

Here is something I have been meaning to write about for a very long time that is near and dear to my heart. I didn’t know how to say it all, till now that is.

Nothing grinds my gears more then the stereotypes that go along with being in the beauty industry. Being an Aesthetician.  Being automatically judged as being “less intelligent” or “less goal driven” then someone who went to University and got a “career”.

Speaking for myself, I did go to University…and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts In Psychology. I also graduated from High school on the honour roll, with various scholarships and bursaries. I could of went and tried to do anything.

I hated almost every day of classes at University and felt like a numb zombie just going through the motions of going to class and labs and writing papers and exams I could care less about. I mulled over the idea of teaching ( I love children!!!) , but always had an interest in going to do something in Aesthetics. But, with the people in my life wanting what’s “best” for me, I drudged through 4.5 years of barely going to class and in some cases, barely passing classes and racking up some nice ol student loan debt along the way! ( don’t EVER get a student loan fyi, they’re assholes” )

All that being said, when I took Aesthetics in school, I really took it seriously. I wanted a career…I wanted to make a good living doing what I was interested in.  I Graduated with honours and had a job even before I was finished classes.

I had some people seriously try and talk me out of doing this, said “I would be poor forever” and ” I was smarter then this” and even hurtful things when I started to work like ” all you do is paint nails and rub feet all day.”

Now, me being me, this made me want to do even better. There is much more to aesthetics then anyone could imagine.

First off, you have to have good people skills and customer service. You also have to learn soooo much about so many different things. My year in school for aesthetics was quite intense compared to my slack days of university. I don’t think anyone realizes what we need to know about human anatomy. Most people would think aesthetics is a “bird course”, I am here to tell you, it is far from that.

So let me say this, despite my spending and shopping habits and frivolous ways, I am by no means rich with this job (money terms) ,but I am rich in life. I have a lot of supportive people in my life i.e. family, friends, clients, coworkers and strangers even. I am doing what I really love. I may have my bad days where I think “I should of tried harder in University” , but at the end of the day when I find myself “googling” things aesthetics wise or watching countless videos on makeup or nails or hair and talking “beauty” things to anyone who will listen…which is usually my poor boyfriend, he’s learned to like it though. If I have to hear about hockey and video games, he is hearing about Nicole Guerriero’s “top ten fall lipsticks”. This just confirms I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

This blog has also helped me confirm this is where I am supposed to be in my life. I enjoy writing. I may be too honest at times and too fourth coming with personal info, but its somewhat therapeutic. Writing keeps me researching and thinking about the latest things in the aesthetics world.

Now, that you have heard me rant about how much of a smarty pants I am and how much I enjoy what I do, think before you judge someone for what they do for a career. You have no idea where and how they got to this point in their life. I have met a lot of very intelligent and creative people in this industry, we deal with a lot and for the most part, work extremely hard. So give your Aesthetician or hairstylist a hug. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave with one eyebrow or green hair. (We have the power to do that, so don’t make us cranky) 😉


Your friendly spa therapist (the degree may have come in handy)

Nicole xo 🙂

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Romantic Grandeur Collection!

I worked with Aveda’s makeup for a little over two years now and have seen a few of their limited edition collections come and go.

I have definitely had my share of love/hate times with their makeup when I first started out. But it’s like anything else, once you use something enough, make mistakes enough and then become comfortable enough with the products capabilities, you learn to like it and how to use it to best suit your client’s needs. In my opinion, Aveda makeup is perfect for wedding makeup. It has a soft look and a really pretty, natural, but noticeable look that Bride’s want.

That all being said, I was never this excited about their collections before. The Fall/Winter 2014 collection is by far, hands down, my favourite!!!…EVER! The colors are awesome and right up my alley. Perfect for Winter wedding makeup! yey!

For the Romantic Grandeur Collection, they developed six shadows, two eye liners, one lip liner, two lipsticks and two lip glazes.

The colors range from rich tones and also some pastels. The shadows seem to be more pigmented then usual…I’m not sure if that is just my imagination or not or they did some changes to the formulations???Either way….WINNNINNNGGG!!!!

My faves to use so far on clients and play around with for myself of course, are;

-“Gypsum Grey” Eye Color (perfect grey shadow with a hint of sheen)  and Winter Lilac( a pastel purple shade)

In the picture below, one of our beautiful bride’s from the end of this summer, I used the Grey along with other Aveda shadows for a soft, smokey look. 🙂


– Next is “Fire Maple” Lip Liner…always loved a good red lip and just this liner alone is a perfect shade for me! and the staying power is great!!!!


I am also obsessed with their “Delphinium” blue liner… a perfect, bright blue for that pop of color I explained that will be hot this fall. You can read my “Fall Trends” post here 🙂 –> :

and last but not least “Gogi Berry” lipstick. Can I Marry this? Would that be frowned upon? Ugh!! It just looks so good on so many different skin tones.  I applied this on a client the other day combined with Fire Maple lip liner underneath and it looked hot!!!

The only downfall to the fact that I am deeply, madly in love with this collection (and I know you will too)…is that It, like it’s sister collections before it, will end. It is what cosmetic companies call the dreaded “limited edition collection” and will probably sell out  😦 😦 😦  

Toby’s face is my face right now…

photo (9)

Why Makeup Gods? Why? Other companies do this all the time and I understand the strategy behind it, but I hate it!!!! I am just hoping that some of the products do well enough and become popular enough, to bring them back someday….but in the meantime, go buy that %@*$ up!!! Before its gone and you’re left lonely and looking like Toby.

-Nicole xo 🙂




Here is a pretty boring entry on today’s Makeup of the day.(Just In case anyone is wondering what I wear on a regular, everyday basis, this is pretty well it! (Plus or minus a few other things) The majority of the products are drugstore and the odd high end product.

I had a pretty easy going Sunday today…spent some time in Target(SHOCKER!!!) then watched some hockey games(Go Tradesmen!)  and went out to dinner at my parents for our usual Sunday get together. Roast Beef(Yuck!) and Blueberry Crumble(Yum!!)

Outfit– As casual as it gets for me. Black Puma Tights, Under Armour Tee, Lulu Lemon Hoodie(embarrassingly enough, the only hoodie I own) and white H&M sneakers…Also threw in a lulu headband because I was feeling extra fancy and my hair was feeling extra gross and today was not a good “hair wash” sort of day, but seriously, when is it ever!

Anywho, Lets jump in to the makeup details.


1)  Primed with Loreal’s Revitalift Miracle Blur (Oil-Free Version) I hated primers till I tried this one out!

2) Concealed my bags and circles with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in the Shade Neutralizer (Holy Grail!!)

3) Covered with Stila Stay all Day HD Beauty Balm. Talked about this product in my Summer Faves and Raves.

4) Camouflaged my one teeny tiny breakout( Yey for good skin lately!) with The Balm’s Time Bomb concealer in light/medium…I have had this stuff for forever….I literally use the tiniest bit and it covers fairly well.

5)Set my whole faces with Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder in 003 Natural!

6) Bronzed all over with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer.

7) For Blush I mixed a combo of Makeup Geeks new blush in Honey Moon (LOVE!) and Aveda’s limited edition face accent in Hibiscus!

8) Cheek Highlight and inner tear duct was compliments of Mac’s Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle (cult classic!)


1) Prepped with NYX jumbo pencil in Milk. Not a necessary step, but I feel when I wear light or no eye shadow, it covers the redness and veins on my eyelids.

2) The One and only shadow used was “Strange” from my Naked 3 palette

3) Lined Just my outer lids in a black pencil by Essence. Super affordable and one of the few pencils that doesn’t smear all over my lids.

4) Of course, curled my lashes with my handy dandy lash curler…which is ancient and I have no idea where it came from.

5) Three-ish coats of Hypnose Star Mascara in Black (also another summer fave! 🙂 )

6) Brows were brought to you today by “Brow Bar to Go” by Whitening Lightning.


1)  Rimmel East End Snob Lip Liner…somewhat of a nude-pink shade.

2) Last but not least, I applied Mac’s Cream Cup Lipstick 🙂



and for those who managed to not nod off while reading this, Thanks!

I sometimes find myself lacking inspiration for posts lately. I WANT to write on a more regular basis, and have a list of topics to talk about, but I’m not sure if they would bore readers half to death. So what I am trying to say is, I am more then open to suggestions! Let a girl know, folks!!!!


-Nicole xo 🙂


Fall 2014 Trends!

Excuse me? Whats that you say?… Its fall already?!?!? Where the hell did summer go? I feel like we were just digging out our flip flops, maxi dresses, bikinis and SPF 100000 , like last week?

So while you’re busy processing the fact that the kiddie’s are going back to class, sunny beach days are numbered and that you will soon have to start wearing yucky socks again, let me explain to you all the positives of Autumn and the lovely things it brings.
-Leggings(not to be worn as pants..don’t be “that” person)
-Boots and booties( minus the fact your feet will be in socks in said boots) Ive bought 3 new pairs already!!:) Surprise! Surprise!
-Pumpkin scented and flavoured things… I DO NOT like this, but I feel every other woman in the world is lined up at Starbucks for their Pumpkin spiced latte. Ill just settle for my green tea latte thanks.
-Chunky sweaters/tunics.. Comfy and stylish. The fashionably acceptable equivalent to a fluffy bath robe
-Pretty trees and leaves. Cape Breton is one of the most beautiful places and it only took me 26 years to truly appreciate what is right in our backyards.
– and finally the best part of fall is, FALL MAKEUP! NAILS! HAIR!

Here are some examples that rocked the fashion runways and can be totally wearable in our regular, everyday lives .

-Precious metals: Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Rose Gold… Any of these colours are hot for Fall. They can be worn on the eyes for a smokey, metallic look.

Lashes: lots and lots of lashes! Load on the mascara, whether its the regular kind or the 3D fibre stuff I’m obsessing over. Wear subtle or dramatic falsies! Notice me lashes are very in!

-Minimal makeup- barely there makeup was big on the runways. Clean skin, polished brows, neutral lips. Natural, but noticeable. Very easily achieved for an everyday and on-the-go look.

-Pops of colour- the opposite of the previous trend of minimal makeup, pops of color are very now. Whether its a swipe of bright blue eye liner, purple shadow or even a brighter, red lip. This is probably one of my favourite trends of the moment and one you can have the most fun and experiment with.

Deep Coloured lips- Just like last fall/winter’s darker “vampy” lips are a must. You can do deep purple, wine, berry and red. I even bought myself a black lipstick that I may wear if the appropriate event ever arises. 😉


Minimal/no fuss nails- one colour, simple, clean looking manis can be easier to achieve and keep looking decent longer. Darker colour pallets are definitely something to try during this time of year. Match your vampy wine lips to your nails!

Braids: I am super excited for this! Braids have always been my favourite. Milkmaid, fishtail, french, dutch, waterfall, etc.. Anything goes!! Easy to achieve at home! If i can do some of these braids, anyone can!

There you have it, some fall trends to try for yourself and make the transition from summer to the colder season easier! 🙂
-Nicole 🙂 xo