Fall 2014 Trends!

Excuse me? Whats that you say?… Its fall already?!?!? Where the hell did summer go? I feel like we were just digging out our flip flops, maxi dresses, bikinis and SPF 100000 , like last week?

So while you’re busy processing the fact that the kiddie’s are going back to class, sunny beach days are numbered and that you will soon have to start wearing yucky socks again, let me explain to you all the positives of Autumn and the lovely things it brings.
-Leggings(not to be worn as pants..don’t be “that” person)
-Boots and booties( minus the fact your feet will be in socks in said boots) Ive bought 3 new pairs already!!:) Surprise! Surprise!
-Pumpkin scented and flavoured things… I DO NOT like this, but I feel every other woman in the world is lined up at Starbucks for their Pumpkin spiced latte. Ill just settle for my green tea latte thanks.
-Chunky sweaters/tunics.. Comfy and stylish. The fashionably acceptable equivalent to a fluffy bath robe
-Pretty trees and leaves. Cape Breton is one of the most beautiful places and it only took me 26 years to truly appreciate what is right in our backyards.
– and finally the best part of fall is, FALL MAKEUP! NAILS! HAIR!

Here are some examples that rocked the fashion runways and can be totally wearable in our regular, everyday lives .

-Precious metals: Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Rose Gold… Any of these colours are hot for Fall. They can be worn on the eyes for a smokey, metallic look.

Lashes: lots and lots of lashes! Load on the mascara, whether its the regular kind or the 3D fibre stuff I’m obsessing over. Wear subtle or dramatic falsies! Notice me lashes are very in!

-Minimal makeup- barely there makeup was big on the runways. Clean skin, polished brows, neutral lips. Natural, but noticeable. Very easily achieved for an everyday and on-the-go look.

-Pops of colour- the opposite of the previous trend of minimal makeup, pops of color are very now. Whether its a swipe of bright blue eye liner, purple shadow or even a brighter, red lip. This is probably one of my favourite trends of the moment and one you can have the most fun and experiment with.

Deep Coloured lips- Just like last fall/winter’s darker “vampy” lips are a must. You can do deep purple, wine, berry and red. I even bought myself a black lipstick that I may wear if the appropriate event ever arises. πŸ˜‰


Minimal/no fuss nails- one colour, simple, clean looking manis can be easier to achieve and keep looking decent longer. Darker colour pallets are definitely something to try during this time of year. Match your vampy wine lips to your nails!

Braids: I am super excited for this! Braids have always been my favourite. Milkmaid, fishtail, french, dutch, waterfall, etc.. Anything goes!! Easy to achieve at home! If i can do some of these braids, anyone can!

There you have it, some fall trends to try for yourself and make the transition from summer to the colder season easier! πŸ™‚
-Nicole πŸ™‚ xo


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