Romantic Grandeur Collection!

I worked with Aveda’s makeup for a little over two years now and have seen a few of their limited edition collections come and go.

I have definitely had my share of love/hate times with their makeup when I first started out. But it’s like anything else, once you use something enough, make mistakes enough and then become comfortable enough with the products capabilities, you learn to like it and how to use it to best suit your client’s needs. In my opinion, Aveda makeup is perfect for wedding makeup. It has a soft look and a really pretty, natural, but noticeable look that Bride’s want.

That all being said, I was never this excited about their collections before. The Fall/Winter 2014 collection is by far, hands down, my favourite!!!…EVER! The colors are awesome and right up my alley. Perfect for Winter wedding makeup! yey!

For the Romantic Grandeur Collection, they developed six shadows, two eye liners, one lip liner, two lipsticks and two lip glazes.

The colors range from rich tones and also some pastels. The shadows seem to be more pigmented then usual…I’m not sure if that is just my imagination or not or they did some changes to the formulations???Either way….WINNNINNNGGG!!!!

My faves to use so far on clients and play around with for myself of course, are;

-“Gypsum Grey” Eye Color (perfect grey shadow with a hint of sheen)  and Winter Lilac( a pastel purple shade)

In the picture below, one of our beautiful bride’s from the end of this summer, I used the Grey along with other Aveda shadows for a soft, smokey look. 🙂


– Next is “Fire Maple” Lip Liner…always loved a good red lip and just this liner alone is a perfect shade for me! and the staying power is great!!!!


I am also obsessed with their “Delphinium” blue liner… a perfect, bright blue for that pop of color I explained that will be hot this fall. You can read my “Fall Trends” post here 🙂 –> :

and last but not least “Gogi Berry” lipstick. Can I Marry this? Would that be frowned upon? Ugh!! It just looks so good on so many different skin tones.  I applied this on a client the other day combined with Fire Maple lip liner underneath and it looked hot!!!

The only downfall to the fact that I am deeply, madly in love with this collection (and I know you will too)…is that It, like it’s sister collections before it, will end. It is what cosmetic companies call the dreaded “limited edition collection” and will probably sell out  😦 😦 😦  

Toby’s face is my face right now…

photo (9)

Why Makeup Gods? Why? Other companies do this all the time and I understand the strategy behind it, but I hate it!!!! I am just hoping that some of the products do well enough and become popular enough, to bring them back someday….but in the meantime, go buy that %@*$ up!!! Before its gone and you’re left lonely and looking like Toby.

-Nicole xo 🙂



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