Aveda Trashion Show and Equipoise Weekend!

This past weekend, my coworkers and I attended Aveda Atlantic’s Equipoise and Trashion Show Fundraiser in Halifax. It was fun filled two day event with lots of pretty people, wearing all black. 😉

Sunday Night- Trashion Show

If you don’t know what a trashion show is ( and no Charlene, I wasn’t at a bar making fun of “trashy” girls :p ) , it is a show where the model’s outfits are strictly made of used materials and basically, trash. Our team managed to pull together a great look and put in an amazing effort!! ( and last minute at that! Pressure!!!!!!)

Our theme was inspired by Weddings and massive amounts of Bridal parties we worked on this past year. I would say the vast majority of the other models/looks were fantasy themed. ( and they were all fantastic too!!)

The Dress was made out of different colored tissues, Kleenex,  gibsons, garbage bags, plastic mesh and chicken wire.

dress dress2

It turned out beautiful!!!! If this wasn’t made out of things you wipe your nose on, I would totally wear this styled dress… if I have a wedding…if I get married….don’t have a stroke Stephen….. :p

Our model ( one of our shop’s stylists, Jessica) had her hair styled by Mike into a flower like up do to replicate the flowers in the train of the dress.

hair flower

She also had some henna inspired designs done by Sarah Jane on her arm and up her neck with toll paint and Aveda eye shadows.


and finally, her makeup was done by yours truly. We mainly used colours from the Romantic Grandeur Collection on her eyes. For her lips, we had to think quick…me being in my stressed out mode, forgot lipsticks we wanted to use. Instead, we decided to do black eye liner and filled in her lips with purple gloss for a dark ombre like look. Turned out much better then anticipated!


Overall , it was a good night! Exhausting and somewhat sad for not winning anything, but it was a good experience to have under our belts 🙂 🙂


Monday Morning- Equipoise

Monday morning, a few of use attended Equipoise in our hotel.

This consisted of guest speakers, demos and also a retail section.

The first speaker was Marc Zollicoffer. He spoke on balance, energy, the use of holistic or non traditional ways of healing and how they can be incorporated in with Medical practises for the best possible outcome.

Marc had us participate in a few exercises, which were very interesting and made you really understand what he was talking about.

The next speaker, was Pat Peterson. She spoke about product production. She was able to talk to a huge crowd about chemistry and managed to keep all of our attention with her witty humour.

She finished off her presentation by actually making a new product (that should be released any time now) right there on stage. It was enlightening to see what actually went into the production of Aveda products and why they are so superior to other brands!

And how could I not possibly mention, our goodie bags! Love all our products we were given! 🙂 Thank you, Aveda!



Physically and mentally exhausted after a very busy weekend, Glad to be home but also glad to have participated in this successful event! 🙂

-Nicole xo 🙂



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