November Faves, Raves and Flops :)

Hello There Beauty Peeps!

Over the last month or more, I have acquired quite a few new things. I don’t know if the stores knew I was out trying to do some Christmas shopping for others and wanted to tempt me with all their new and pretty things or what the heck the deal was!! 😦 …. but anyways, I caved. Hard.

I know it isn`t Decemeber just yet but I figured I would do a November Faves, Raves and Flops. November brought many new favorites and a few not so great products. If you are on the fence about purchasing any of these things then hopefully this will help you make up your mind 🙂 (some of these Faves would also make great Christmas ideas too FYI 😉 )



Minion Slippers –  Yup. you read that right.  One of my favorite things from the last month is a pair of awesome slippers. Found at Walmart for about $15. They are warm (perfect for this time of year) and they are Minions with googly button eyes….enough said!


image (52)

(ignore ugly joggy pants…)


Coffee Mug-    Second favorite of the month is something I found at The Ugly Mug Cafe and Gift Emporium. It was just there on the counter screaming  my name “ Buy meeeeee Nicole….buy meeeeee…“ . So I bought that little mug for a little laugh every time I have my coffee. For                 anyone who knows me, I love my caffeine fix in the morning ( and mid morning and lunch time and mid afternoon and supper, you get the idea…)

image (53)


Target Booties- Thank you Target Gods for letting me find plain black, heeled booties that I can wear to work. They  don`t make me want to chop my own feet off by the end of my day, which is a huge bonus. Thank you Mom for buying them for me too 🙂 $30 is a pretty good steal if you ask me.

image (55)


NYX HD concealer- My Target recently decided to bring in the entire line of NYX ( **does happy dance!**) This concealer is light enough that it doesn`t crease too much but heavy enough that it covers your under eye circles pretty well. I bought the fairest shade because I am extra Snow white looking lately ( I`m learning to embrace it)



NYX Powder Blush in Taupe-  I recently noticed that a few Youtube Guru`s I watch religiously were using a blush to contour…..So I was intrigued and decided to buy it. It did not disappoint!!! Because of my extra whiteness lately, most bronzers are either too orange or too dark to use as contour for my cheeks and face. This stuff works like a charm though. Just the right grey, beige colour that gives dimension and shadow to my face. I think this was under $10. Two big thumbs up for NYX!



NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium- Its very hard to find a good drugstore bronzer with out any shimmer. So this is a great option. It has even replaced my two Too Faced bronzers that I was using all spring and summer long. I believe this was around $10 and comes in two other colour options.



NYX Wicked Dreams Shadow Pallet- Mattes, shimmers, neutrals and a few different coloured shadows make up this little beauty. I believe it retails for $17. Perfect stocking stuffer!



Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance Bronze- I received this baby as one of my points perks from Sephora Months and months ago…I had no desire to try it and thought it would be way too dark for me. When I ran out of my usual primer, I had no choice but to try this out and I am obsessed!!!!!  It gives a beautiful glow to your skin and doesn`t feel too heavy. I wish I had of started using this forever ago! I need to get the full size version asap!! *hint! hint! Stephen*…..he pretends he doesn`t read my blogs, but we all know he does. 😉

laura mericer

NYX The Curve Liner- I suckkkkkk at winged Liner. It is one of those things that I am constantly trying new things to make me better at it. This liner is one of the best I have ever used. The shape of the bottle is so unique and user friendly. The tip is super thin and you can make your line as precise as you want it. I need to stock up on these bad boys.


Rimmel Lash Accelerator-  God love that Nicole Guerriero. She knows her stuff. One of her holy grail mascaras is this little one.  Super affordable and works great on bottom lashes.


Stila #33 Brush- This is a double ended foundation and concealer brush. A bit pricier and more of an impulse/boredom buy. It is very nice though. It is pointed on both ends so it is perfect for the under eye area and hard to blend spots. I found mine at our local Shoppers and use mine with my NYX Hd concealer I mentioned previously.


Flower Beauty F01 Powder Brush- Our Walmart just recently started carrying Drew Barrymore`s makeup line. I was a little excited ( I love Drew!) This brush was inexpensive and the packaging  looked pretty. Turns out it does a pretty good job applying powder and bronzer. It`s bristles are very soft and I haven`t had them shed too much like other drugstore brand brushes. YEY! Drew for the win!!! 🙂

image (56)


Target Necklace- I`m sorry I forget the actual brand of this necklace 😦 ….but It has definitely become one of my favorite in my embarrassing large costume jewelry collection though. I`m usually more of a gold person but this one is just so shiny and fancy. Retails for under $20.

image (57)




Gosh Smokey eye shadow pallet- For $30…this was less then impressive. I have never tried any Gosh makeup products before and I can see why now. The colours looked decent at first glance, but there is a lot of fall out with these. (meaning the colour/shadow falls down on to your cheeks) SO not cool. They are also not as pigmented as I had hoped. Overall-Fail 😦

image (54)


Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist- Three mini scented hair sprays. Rose, Citrus and Vanilla. They smelt nice at first, but they don`t last as long as I had hoped 😦


Flower Luxury Lip Colour in Tea Rose-  Didn`t like this shade and it defiantly smelt and tasted kind of funky (almost plastic like) Not a good flavor for something that goes on your lips


image (56)


and if I haven`t bored you yet with all my rambling , that`s THE END!!…… Don`t forget to hit the subscribe button and sign up to get emails when I write new posts! 🙂


Until Next time Folks,

-Nicole xo 🙂

image (58)







How I “Somewhat” Tame my Mane; Favourite Hair Products


First off, I am by no means a hair expert…I am just lucky if I get up in the morning and even brush my hair! Don’t judge me though, because if you had to see the effort that needs to go into getting out the tangles, you would say “screw it” too!

I have been told my individual hairs are thin but I have a lot of them… So basically, it’s thick but thin, if that makes any sense?

My hair care routine is pretty simple. I wash it 2 to maybe 3 times a week depending on whats going on events wise.  I usually try to wash it at night and go to bed with my hair either in a braid or in headband curls or heartless curls ( if you don’t know what this is, look it up on Pinterest, your hair will thank you!! )

I get my mop coloured every 5-6 weeks and cut probably not nearly enough and whenever I feel it is truly becoming unmanageable. If I didn’t already work at a salon/spa my upkeep would be costing me a pretty penny!! Yay!! For perks of being an Aesthetician!! 🙂

Lately, the girls at work have been gradually lightening my hair into the prettiest subtle ombré. For once in my life, I am really, really happy how it looks.  I must say, the Aveda hair colour does look so shiny and feels pretty good as well compared to other lines.

As far as product favourites goes,  I switch it up. At the moment, I have three different shampoos on the go. I use either Aveda’s Brilliant shampoo or Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi shampoo for daily use and I use Paul Mitchell’s One shampoo when I really want to clarify all the product and oil buildup. I generally wash and rinse my hair twice.

For conditioners, I use Aveda’s Damage Remedy Conditioner or Paul Mitchell’s The Detangler Conditioner. I will leave either of these in for the entire time I shower then comb through with a giant shower comb which I think was just from Goody at Walmart.

For deep conditioning, I use Aveda’s Dry Remedy Masque once a week. I seriously love this product! My hair feels amazing afterwards.

When I get out of the shower I use Aveda’s Damage Remedy leave in conditioner and Brilliant Damage Control leave in to somewhat help me brush through my SUPER tangly hair. Even with using these products and the use of two different types of wet brushes, this typically takes a while and is the main reason I don’t like washing my hair. It’s an arm and shoulder work out for sure!!!

By the time I am done this process, the bathroom floor is usually covered in enough hair to make a blanket (Steve hates me for this)

I shed a lot. I even have some hair loss and a bald spot that is growing back slowly but surely. This was probably all caused from wearing my hair up too often and too tight and possibly stress too 😦 I try not to worry too much though ( more worry= more hair loss) and just try to look after my hair as best as I can. I use Aveda’s Invati Scalp Revitalizer on my scalp after I wash it. Just a few sprays all over and massage it into my scalp. This definitely helps. FYI; hair loss is TRAUMATIC!!!! I was very upset ( still am some days) but using Caboki’s dark brown fiber to help cover any spots till they grow back helps. I mentioned this product in my Summer faves. They will send you a huge free sample and you just pay the $6 shipping!! If you use this right, it will last forever!!

For random products, I used Batiste dry shampoo on those in between wash days and also to give my hair some texture and volume. For the days my hair is feeling drier, I will reach for my sample of Aveda’s Dry Remedy oil. It’s light enough it doesn’t make my hair greasy, but makes my ends feel better and tames fly always.

As far as hair spray and things like that goes, I don’t love them. The one that I will use though is Aveda Air control. It’s light, non sticky and it smells good!!

And there you have it. A slight overview of how I deal with my mane and some of my go to products I use to tame it.

Hope it gives anyone an idea of any new products they would want to use 🙂 The holidays are coming up, so Send Santa into me at work and I will send him home with a bag full of goodies for you 😉

Until next time,

-Nicole  xo 🙂

Favorite Online Shopping Spots! :)

Hi there!

Just sitting here window shopping online and thought maybe I would share a few of my favorite websites and stores! Just in time for the Holiday Season 🙂 …You’re welcome!

Some I have ordered things for myself(surprise!!)  and some I use to purchase gifts for others!

Women’s/Men’s Clothing

~Forever 21- I don’t know too many girls that don’t love this site for inexpensive clothing, shoes, accessories and even beauty now.

~Go Jane- Another inexpensive site that carries a wide variety or merchandise. (women’s only)

~Tobi- I have never actually ordered anything from this site (yet!) but I find myself making many wish lists. has beautiful dresses!! Check em out! (women’s only)

~LuLu’s- another great site if you are looking for a special dress or outfit! Prices are reasonable! (women’s only)

~Suzy Shier-  this store/website is pretty well my go to spot. I always find something there that I like. (women’s only)

~The Bay- The store here in Sydney is half decent (much better now then previous years) but the website has much more selection!!/

~American Eagle – a great site for affordable men’s and women’s clothing.

~The Gap- a staple in my bf’s closet.

~Old Navy

~Lululemon – If only I was rich and could buy $100 jogging pants all the time. *le sigh*

~H & M- I love this store, its shame they don’t have online shopping in Canada yet….


Makeup/Beauty- my favorite thing to shop for…makeup always fits.

~Sephora- I love thee. I would be even poorer then I am now if there was a store in Sydney.

~Mac- A favorite of quite a few people I know.

~Camera Ready Cosmetics- a great site for any beauty junkies out there. So many different brands and things a makeup artist would really need.

~Nail Polish Canada- Lots of different brands of polishes and all things nail related. ALSO, there are a few different makeup lines they carry.

~Lime Crime- I am obsessed with all Lime Crime’s fun and different colored lip products.

~BH Cosmetics- Great deals and steals on pretty decent makeup.

~Makeup Geek- A Youtube Guru’s Makeup Line. Lots of dupes for Mac products for a fraction of the price.

~Morphe – another site I have yet to order from but find myself making huge wish lists. Affordable makeup brushes and $2 eye shadows!!



~Target- the happiest place on earth. Especially if there is a Starbucks inside.

~Walmart- pretty self explanatory. Before I was the “Target Queen”,  I was the “Walmart Queen”

~Ebay- Ebay is like a black hole of shopping. You can find yourself lost and buying random things on there. I love finding inexpensive Jewelry on here.

~Amazon- Ebay’s twin sister.

~Etsy- If you want anything personalized or home made and cute, this is the site for you.

~Haute Look- I loveeeeeeeeeee this. If you download the app, consider your Credit Card bill to increase…..Lots of Discounted Designer and non Designer Brands of Clothing, shoes, home decor, beauty, etc.  You have to sign up in order to see the deals and they change daily, so if you want to buy something, better grab it quick!

~Beyond the Rack- another discount website that you need to sign up for to see the deals.


CB Local

Got to give two little stores from Cape Breton a nod!

~The Ugly Mug- Cafe and Gift store! I spend a lot of my pay in here between the coffee, food and all their unique things in their gift section (which I usually buy as gifts for myself )! 🙂

~La Quaintrelle- the cutest little boutique in North Sydney.


IPhone App

~Makeup Alley- this little app can help you while shopping for anything makeup, hair, skin or nail care related. It gives prices, reviews and where to buy info on almost anything! (Thanks Kelsey for the Info on this 🙂 )


And there you have it. Some of my favorite places to spend my time and money. I’m sure I am forgetting a few in there somewhere though!!

If anyone else has any Shopping suggestions out there, let me know! I’d gladly appreciate it:)  ( Especially gift options for a Boyfriend who literally has everything he could ever want and need!!!)



-Nicole xo 🙂







Garnier Color Styler: First Impressions

Being the sucker consumer that I am, anything shiny and new will catch my attention.

You see, I have a condition they call “FOMO”…..which is short for Fear of Missing Out. Its a horrible condition, really. It makes you buy things and do things you may not necessarily do because you don’t want to miss out on anything that could potentially be AWESOME!!! Don’t judge. I’m working on this issue…I have to, for my wallet’s sake. :/

Anywho, I saw the Garnier Color Styler in a few YouTube videos and NEEDED to have it…like ASAP! So after watching the videos at 7 in the morning… I ran out and bought it at my local Shoppers before work one day.

The product is advertised as a fun temporary color that lasts 2-3 washes (and since I hardly ever wash my hair….IT WILL LAST FOREVER!!!! Mwahahahaha) I believe it comes in five different, vibrant shades ( Blue, pink, purple, red and gold?) …..I was most intrigued by the Blue and purple colors.

In the videos, I couldn’t get over the fact at how dark the girl’s hair was and how bright the actual Color Styler came out! Me, being a super chicken shit with doing anything drastic to my hair anymore ( having a short bob for years, shaving half my head and losing hair from trying to lighten pieces too fast was far too traumatic) and I’m finally somewhat happy with my hair, but every once in a while I get the urge to color it fire engine red or chop it off!  So this I thought would be a nice alternative to having a meltdown if I had any more hair disasters.

Procedure :

So right off the bat, the process of applying this seemed almost too easy….I was kind of wrong.

When they say cover your shoulders with a towel….cover your whole entire bathroom and body with anything you don’t want stained because as soon as this stuff touches something, it will be a nightmare to get out.

So after covering everything, make sure your hair is dry and knot free( HA! and if your hair is anything like mine, you could only look at it the wrong way and it’ll tangle) #thickhairprobs

Put your gloves on and just start grabbing random pieces and apply the product. There is no mixing and no brush. Just apply with your hands. As much or as little as you want. I started off with two small peek-a-boo pieces behind my ears and that slowly turned into all my hair from my ears down. Oops.

You then sit and let it all dry or if you are as impatient as I am, use a hairdryer!! (Much better!) After it is completely dry, brush it out. This is also very messy. It almost became chalk like and powdery.

First impression:

Not bad…really dry though and the color wasn’t as vibrant as I’d hoped.  I braided my hair (with much struggle) and went to bed.

Next day, hair was a little softer and brighter. People definitely noticed and I was surprised at how many actually liked it. 🙂

The third day was the best! The gross dry/chalk feeling left and the color was at it’s brightest. Yey!



Conclusion : I have washed my hair twice since I applied this. There is still a hint of purple that I think will come out in the next wash and I can live with it until then.

I did love the way this looked, but not so much on how it made my hair feel. 😦 Maybe it’s just my hair type and how tangled it can get, but this made it way worse while it was in.  Maybe if your hair was finer and softer, it would work better for you. Maybe even give your hair some texture too.  P.s. It is only $7 or so, so it is completely affordable and won’t be a huge let down if you don’t like it!

If I had to rate Garnier Color Styler, I would give it  7.5/10.

I still have quite a bit of the products left and will hopefully get around to trying it again sometime soon and in the meantime you can check my face out on the Garnier USA site!! Which I must say is really kind of awesome and flattering! 🙂


Until next time,

-Nicole xo 🙂



Halloween 2014!!

As you all very well know, Halloween (my second favorite day of the year) came and went yesterday! Just last week, I  wrote a post on Halloween and my undying love for it.

And let me just say this year did not disappoint!!! There was dress up fun at work and then I took some little ladies around trick or treating ( I may have snagged a few treats for myself as well 😉 )


Introducing, POP ART Girl (or Comic book girl, whatever.)….most people thought I looked pretty cool, but had no clue what I was. Google Roy Lichtenstein!!!!


This is probably one of the easier looks I did this year, but by far my favorite! ( I NEED Blue hair now!!!!)


I also got to do some fun Halloween looks on some friends/clients yesterday!


Shauna always wanted to be a zombie when she grew up! … I made her a zombie bride for the day! 😉




Chantal wanted something scary ,but not too scary to take her little girl out trick or treating! …so I made her into a “Black Widow” or “spider queen” , just like the look I did on myself  Monday past.



Next, I did lovely Alana’s makeup! She was going as a Coca Cola Bottle ( her Boyfriend was going as Captain Morgan!… Clever!! ) For Alana, we basically just did a silver and red eye with red lips to go with the colors in her dress!




All the girls and boys at work got dressed up as well yesterday! Really wishing I had a group picture of us all, but here is one of my faves from the day (taken by Sarah Jane aka Cruella Deville)




and what would be a Halloween post be without a little Throw back!



Myself (cool as hell vampire!!) …My sister, Courtney was a Dog (fitting because for the first 6 or 7 years of her life, she really thought she was a dog, cat or horse, depending on the day)

and my friend Chantal (Spider queen pictured above) was a brat!!!…I mean, baby! 😛


Hope everyone had a super awesome and safe Halloween last night….and just so everyone knows,  I am currently taking donations for any leftover candies too fyi! Also, Its undecided what I will do with my time now that October is over and I don’t think it would be acceptable to keep doing Halloween makeup on Mondays anymore.

Must. Find. New. Hobby……………or as I was told by quite a few people, adopt a dog or have some kids………………………………………………………………………………….


-Nicole xo 😉