Halloween 2014!!

As you all very well know, Halloween (my second favorite day of the year) came and went yesterday! Just last week, I  wrote a post on Halloween and my undying love for it.

And let me just say this year did not disappoint!!! There was dress up fun at work and then I took some little ladies around trick or treating ( I may have snagged a few treats for myself as well 😉 )


Introducing, POP ART Girl (or Comic book girl, whatever.)….most people thought I looked pretty cool, but had no clue what I was. Google Roy Lichtenstein!!!!


This is probably one of the easier looks I did this year, but by far my favorite! ( I NEED Blue hair now!!!!)


I also got to do some fun Halloween looks on some friends/clients yesterday!


Shauna always wanted to be a zombie when she grew up! …..so I made her a zombie bride for the day! 😉




Chantal wanted something scary ,but not too scary to take her little girl out trick or treating! …so I made her into a “Black Widow” or “spider queen” , just like the look I did on myself  Monday past.



Next, I did lovely Alana’s makeup! She was going as a Coca Cola Bottle ( her Boyfriend was going as Captain Morgan!… Clever!! ) For Alana, we basically just did a silver and red eye with red lips to go with the colors in her dress!




All the girls and boys at work got dressed up as well yesterday! Really wishing I had a group picture of us all, but here is one of my faves from the day (taken by Sarah Jane aka Cruella Deville)




and what would be a Halloween post be without a little Throw back!



Myself (cool as hell vampire!!) …My sister, Courtney was a Dog (fitting because for the first 6 or 7 years of her life, she really thought she was a dog, cat or horse, depending on the day)

and my friend Chantal (Spider queen pictured above) was a brat!!!…I mean, baby! 😛


Hope everyone had a super awesome and safe Halloween last night….and just so everyone knows,  I am currently taking donations for any leftover candies too fyi! Also, Its undecided what I will do with my time now that October is over and I don’t think it would be acceptable to keep doing Halloween makeup on Mondays anymore.

Must. Find. New. Hobby……………or as I was told by quite a few people, adopt a dog or have some kids………………………………………………………………………………….


-Nicole xo 😉



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