Favorite Online Shopping Spots! :)

Hi there!

Just sitting here window shopping online and thought maybe I would share a few of my favorite websites and stores! Just in time for the Holiday Season 🙂 …You’re welcome!

Some I have ordered things for myself(surprise!!)  and some I use to purchase gifts for others!

Women’s/Men’s Clothing

~Forever 21- I don’t know too many girls that don’t love this site for inexpensive clothing, shoes, accessories and even beauty now.


~Go Jane- Another inexpensive site that carries a wide variety or merchandise. (women’s only)


~Tobi- I have never actually ordered anything from this site (yet!) but I find myself making many wish lists. Tobi.com has beautiful dresses!! Check em out! (women’s only)


~LuLu’s- another great site if you are looking for a special dress or outfit! Prices are reasonable! (women’s only)


~Suzy Shier-  this store/website is pretty well my go to spot. I always find something there that I like. (women’s only)


~The Bay- The store here in Sydney is half decent (much better now then previous years) but the website has much more selection!


~American Eagle – a great site for affordable men’s and women’s clothing.


~The Gap- a staple in my bf’s closet.


~Old Navy


~Lululemon – If only I was rich and could buy $100 jogging pants all the time. *le sigh*


~H & M- I love this store, its shame they don’t have online shopping in Canada yet….



Makeup/Beauty- my favorite thing to shop for…makeup always fits.

~Sephora- I love thee. I would be even poorer then I am now if there was a store in Sydney.


~Mac- A favorite of quite a few people I know.


~Camera Ready Cosmetics- a great site for any beauty junkies out there. So many different brands and things a makeup artist would really need.


~Nail Polish Canada- Lots of different brands of polishes and all things nail related. ALSO, there are a few different makeup lines they carry.


~Lime Crime- I am obsessed with all Lime Crime’s fun and different colored lip products.


~BH Cosmetics- Great deals and steals on pretty decent makeup.


~Makeup Geek- A Youtube Guru’s Makeup Line. Lots of dupes for Mac products for a fraction of the price.


~Morphe – another site I have yet to order from but find myself making huge wish lists. Affordable makeup brushes and $2 eye shadows!!




~Target- the happiest place on earth. Especially if there is a Starbucks inside.


~Walmart- pretty self explanatory. Before I was the “Target Queen”,  I was the “Walmart Queen”


~Ebay- Ebay is like a black hole of shopping. You can find yourself lost and buying random things on there. I love finding inexpensive Jewelry on here.


~Amazon- Ebay’s twin sister.


~Etsy- If you want anything personalized or home made and cute, this is the site for you.


~Haute Look- I loveeeeeeeeeee this. If you download the app, consider your Credit Card bill to increase…..Lots of Discounted Designer and non Designer Brands of Clothing, shoes, home decor, beauty, etc.  You have to sign up in order to see the deals and they change daily, so if you want to buy something, better grab it quick!


~Beyond the Rack- another discount website that you need to sign up for to see the deals.



CB Local

Got to give two little stores from Cape Breton a nod!

~The Ugly Mug- Cafe and Gift store! I spend a lot of my pay in here between the coffee, food and all their unique things in their gift section (which I usually buy as gifts for myself )! 🙂


~La Quaintrelle- the cutest little boutique in North Sydney.



IPhone App

~Makeup Alley- this little app can help you while shopping for anything makeup, hair, skin or nail care related. It gives prices, reviews and where to buy info on almost anything! (Thanks Kelsey for the Info on this 🙂 )


And there you have it. Some of my favorite places to spend my time and money. I’m sure I am forgetting a few in there somewhere though!!

If anyone else has any Shopping suggestions out there, let me know! I’d gladly appreciate it:)  ( Especially gift options for a Boyfriend who literally has everything he could ever want and need!!!)



-Nicole xo 🙂








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