How I “Somewhat” Tame my Mane; Favourite Hair Products


First off, I am by no means a hair expert…I am just lucky if I get up in the morning and even brush my hair! Don’t judge me though, because if you had to see the effort that needs to go into getting out the tangles, you would say “screw it” too!

I have been told my individual hairs are thin but I have a lot of them… So basically, it’s thick but thin, if that makes any sense?

My hair care routine is pretty simple. I wash it 2 to maybe 3 times a week depending on whats going on events wise.  I usually try to wash it at night and go to bed with my hair either in a braid or in headband curls or heartless curls ( if you don’t know what this is, look it up on Pinterest, your hair will thank you!! )

I get my mop coloured every 5-6 weeks and cut probably not nearly enough and whenever I feel it is truly becoming unmanageable. If I didn’t already work at a salon/spa my upkeep would be costing me a pretty penny!! Yay!! For perks of being an Aesthetician!! 🙂

Lately, the girls at work have been gradually lightening my hair into the prettiest subtle ombré. For once in my life, I am really, really happy how it looks.  I must say, the Aveda hair colour does look so shiny and feels pretty good as well compared to other lines.

As far as product favourites goes,  I switch it up. At the moment, I have three different shampoos on the go. I use either Aveda’s Brilliant shampoo or Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi shampoo for daily use and I use Paul Mitchell’s One shampoo when I really want to clarify all the product and oil buildup. I generally wash and rinse my hair twice.

For conditioners, I use Aveda’s Damage Remedy Conditioner or Paul Mitchell’s The Detangler Conditioner. I will leave either of these in for the entire time I shower then comb through with a giant shower comb which I think was just from Goody at Walmart.

For deep conditioning, I use Aveda’s Dry Remedy Masque once a week. I seriously love this product! My hair feels amazing afterwards.

When I get out of the shower I use Aveda’s Damage Remedy leave in conditioner and Brilliant Damage Control leave in to somewhat help me brush through my SUPER tangly hair. Even with using these products and the use of two different types of wet brushes, this typically takes a while and is the main reason I don’t like washing my hair. It’s an arm and shoulder work out for sure!!!

By the time I am done this process, the bathroom floor is usually covered in enough hair to make a blanket (Steve hates me for this)

I shed a lot. I even have some hair loss and a bald spot that is growing back slowly but surely. This was probably all caused from wearing my hair up too often and too tight and possibly stress too 😦 I try not to worry too much though ( more worry= more hair loss) and just try to look after my hair as best as I can. I use Aveda’s Invati Scalp Revitalizer on my scalp after I wash it. Just a few sprays all over and massage it into my scalp. This definitely helps. FYI; hair loss is TRAUMATIC!!!! I was very upset ( still am some days) but using Caboki’s dark brown fiber to help cover any spots till they grow back helps. I mentioned this product in my Summer faves. They will send you a huge free sample and you just pay the $6 shipping!! If you use this right, it will last forever!!

For random products, I used Batiste dry shampoo on those in between wash days and also to give my hair some texture and volume. For the days my hair is feeling drier, I will reach for my sample of Aveda’s Dry Remedy oil. It’s light enough it doesn’t make my hair greasy, but makes my ends feel better and tames fly always.

As far as hair spray and things like that goes, I don’t love them. The one that I will use though is Aveda Air control. It’s light, non sticky and it smells good!!

And there you have it. A slight overview of how I deal with my mane and some of my go to products I use to tame it.

Hope it gives anyone an idea of any new products they would want to use 🙂 The holidays are coming up, so Send Santa into me at work and I will send him home with a bag full of goodies for you 😉

Until next time,

-Nicole  xo 🙂


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