Landscaping… And I’m not talking about the bushes in the back yard….


Warning- if you are even  a little bit easily offended or embarrassed …You might not like this post.(and that’s totally fine)

I recently asked Facebook friends and family to send me some beauty related questions. I am currently putting together a list and coming up with the best possible answers. (Bare with me, the response was great and questions are still coming in, so that post may take a while to go up.)

For this entry, I was asked by a few friends everything there is to know about….. BRAZILIANS!!!! That’s right, Lady-bits Landscaping!

And I’m going to try my best to best to explain what happens from the time you come in for your appointment to the time you leave and everything in between (no pun intended!!)

When you first come into the spa room, you will be asked to undress from the waist down and lay on a table. Throw your inhibitions to the wind if you are coming in for this service. Aestheticians have seen it all and a good one should make you feel comfortable. You will be givin something to cover yourself whether it’s a towel, sheet, robe or even disposable paper thongs ( I would suggest going without the thong, it’s just easier for everyone and doesn’t get in the way. There are ways to cover and drape yourself with the other options that you won’t feel completely bare.)

A Brazilian is typically the removal of all the hair from front to back. Some people opt for a small strip of hair left over in the front, but a lot of people choose to go completely hairless. So make sure you let your waxer know what you prefer before you start.

To make the waxing process easiest on you and the waxer, your hair should be 1/4 an inch or just past the stubbly, stuck up stage. If it’s too short, you will be asked to reschedule for another time. Too short means the wax will not properly grip the hairs and you will not get a clean wax.

If the hair is too long, I would suggest trimming with small scissors before you come in or the waxer will have to do it for you. Too long hair = more difficult! more painful!

When I received my training for this, we started off the service with the client on the table on hands and knees and proceeded to remove the hair in the back and work forward. I find that method a bit unnerving for a lot of clients (especially newbies), so I don’t start that way anymore, but don’t be surprised if some people ask you to be in downward dog when they re enter the room :/

There are two types of waxes that can be used for Brazilians.

Soft wax- a hot wax that is applied and removed with a material cloth.

Hard wax- wax that is applied and left to cool on the skin til it hardens completely. Most people would agree this type is the best for Brazilian waxing because it is more gentle on the skin and more sensitive areas and let’s face it, where we’re dealing with, it’s sensitive. :/

Most treatments are anywhere from 30-60 mins long. Experienced waxers will definitely try to get you waxed and finished fast, but in a safe manner.

A little side note for this service, make sure your waxer is wearing gloves and not double dipping their waxing sticks. This is all for your safety and to prevent cross contamination.

During your session there will be tweezing done for the hairs that would not come out cleanly on the wax strips

In your appointment , you will  be asked to “hold” in certain places to keep skin taunt to prevent ripping of the skin. You will also be asked to adjust your legs to get in the hard to reach areas.

I had a friend ask “Is there anyway to get the hair in the back without getting on all fours?” And there is!! You can either lay on your back and pull you legs/knees up or lay on your side or lie on your stomach and hold your buttocks. Surprisingly enough, this is the part that hurts the least but is definitely the part most women find scary. No worries though, it’s usually one of two quick strips and your done. If you are getting the front done, might as well clean up the back.

If you are absolutely terrified about the pain, it’s not as bad as you think. Sure it hurts, you are yanking hair from your nether regions!!! It’s bearable. Try to relax, things hurt more when you are tense and stressed.

Also try not to book your waxing right before or during your period. We tend to be sookier around that time and more sensitive.

Once you are done, you will be given an after wax/calming solution.  Rebook for 4-6 weeks and that’s it! You’re like brand new!

Another question I received was “what is vajazzaling? And “what is a Vajacial?” And well, the answer to that is they are services done after you would have your Brazilian waxing complete.

Everyone remembers their “Bedazzlers” as a child. You added rhinestones to clothing, shoes, etc. Vajazzaling is pretty much the same. Adding temporary gems and sparkles down there.

A “Vajacial” is basically a facial for your lady bits. Cleanse, toned, exfoliated, treatment masks applied, etc. Just skincare for down there……

I can honestly say I have yet to have to do either of these treatments. I feel these are probably more popular in Hollywood and are not very common in our small little town.

Hope this answered the questions of the few girls who messaged me!

I’m pretty well an open book on this stuff and nothing really surprises me anymore. It’s weird. I used to be the most shy person in the world and I’m pretty sure “Brazilian waxer” was not what I answered as a five year old on what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I assure you, it’s probably not the worst job in the world…like an accountant or something…ewww…

-Nicole xo 🙂


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