Brows are the New Black !

Cara Delevigne.

If you don’t know who that is… Get off this Page!!!

Jk, but seriously, go look her up. Her and those brows of hers are huge! Big beautiful brows are in! And dear God, I hope they never go away.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do I get my brows to grow?” Or “how do I get my brows to look more full?”

Truth is, this is extremely hard to do. I know many people that have either over tweezed or over waxed their brows over their life time. So much abuse usually leads to extremely thin brows or as some would call the dreaded “80’s brow” … You know you have seen these walking around at your local Walmart…..

In laments terms, Once you wax or remove hair from the follicle so many times, hair may not come back at all or only some hair will come back and this can somewhat take a long time.

Another example of why hair may or may not grow back, is due to medical reasons. This is a little trickier. Chemotherapy, Thyroid problems, certain medications, etc can be a cause of thinning brows. In this case, it is best to figure out if these are what is affecting your brows and maybe talk to your Doctor about your options.

If your issues are due to your inability to control yourself when it comes to removing hair, then here are some tips I would suggest in trying to regrow those babies back:

1- Lock up your tweezers and magnifying lamps. Get your husband, mother, brother to lock those suckers up and throw away the key. You are trying to have hair grow back in, not ripping it out of your face with a billion times magnified, lighted mirror glaring back at you. These are bad for anyone’s self confidence and are a death sentence to your Eyebrows LIFE!

2- Find a spa that offers brow shaping with a professional. Ask someone you know with “good eyebrows” where they go. Chances are it’s me! ….HA! Kidding!……but seriously, come see me…….I have a weird brow obsession.

3- Patience is essential to this process….you may have to come in and have your brows cleaned up as often as every two weeks, then progressively moving to every four weeks. This is the sucky part. Your brows are going to look a little out of control for a while, but the end result is worth it! Promise!

3-If your brows are sparse AND light, try out brow tinting, it’ll help make your brows look more defined and filled in.

4- Invest in some good quality products to help you fill in and reshape your brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills (found at Sephora or on her website) are amazing and very popular. I have her “Dip brow pomade”and I love it. Another brand I love is Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning. I bought their “Brow bar to go” last year and it hasn’t let me down yet.

There are many other brands that have brought out products designed specifically for your brows. There are many options from pomades to pencils to shadows and more. Try them out and see which you prefer the most.
In my experience, powders/shadows are the easiest to begin with. They are the most foolproof of the bunch. Pomades are tricky to get used to, and if your aren’t lucky you can quickly end up looking like this fellow

Exhibit A-image

5-If by chance you are one of the unlucky few that can not grow back your brows, there are some nifty new things out on the market that could be options for you…if you are willing to spend a pretty penny(or nickel, since pennies are non existent now….)

*Eyebrow tattooing- permanent makeup is a great idea, a little pricey but worth it if you can find a really great artist. But be careful with this one please. Do your research and do not get them tattooed on your face by your cousin’s ex husbands friend’s aunt out of her basement shop for a “deal” at $20… You will wish having thin eyebrows was the worst of your problems.

*Eyebrow transplants-YUP…. just like good ol hair plugs….you can have this done.

*Eyebrow toupees- like fuzzy stickers, but better.

*Eyebrow extensions- works the same as eyelash extensions. Medical grade glue is used with extensions and you need to get a fill every two weeks or so. With this, there needs to be at least a little bit of pre existing hair to adhere the extensions to.

*Prescription Lash growth serum- “Lactese” can sometimes be used to help grow back eyebrows just as it was used to help grow back or thicken eyelashes. Talk to your doc about this one, you don’t want to go from hardly any brow to having hair all over your forehead. Bad look.

This is my second post dedicated to eyebrows since I started this blog almost a year ago. I hope it helps if anyone out there is struggling to fit in with this Brow crazy world.

I feel anyone can make their brows better with just a little TLC. Those two little caterpillars on your forehead are essential in making you look human. Do not underestimate the power of “good brows”… Or bad ones.

Take care,
Love & hugs,
Nicole πŸ™‚


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