Brushes on a Budget!



Don’t mind me. I’m just practicing my Spanish for when I move to Mexico. I am not meant for cold weather.

Hope everyone on the East coast went out and bought their milk and treats and are tying them selves down for what is supposed to be a dandy of a snow storm 😦

I figured I could write you guys a little something to read while you are all bundled up. And for all you other people out there in warmer temperatures…I hate you…but only a little. πŸ˜‰

Here is yet another post in response to the request I sent out in Facebook land for blog ideas. My friends did not disappoint and I was left with a mass amount of comments, private messages and texts with questions and concerns people have about the beauty world!

One really good question that stood out was about Makeup Brushes, especially affordable ones. I have yet to discuss this topic here on beautyjunkiesanonymous really, other then the odd favorite or two that I have. I’m a slacker!!! Sorry!! 😦

Hopefully I can cover everything tonight πŸ™‚

If there is one thing to know about makeup brushes is….they are kind of important. They are what paint brushes are to an artist! How are you supposed to create like Leonardo Da Vinci or Van Gough with out the right tools.

I’m not saying you need to run out and buy all sorts of brushes and sponges or whatever. But you do need a good core collection that will make putting on your makeup easier and also, better.

These brushes also don’t have to be uber expensive. There are many brands out there that are decent and a decent price as well.

Some examples of brands I like that can be found either online or in your local stores.

Real Techniques– Created by Youtube Beauty Gurus, these can be found at Walmart or drugstores. There are kits and also individually sold brushes. I do believe that the kits are around $20. That’s a steal in my mind!

Real Techniques also came out with a sponge dupe for the pricey Beauty Blender. I have bought a few of these since I discovered them. OBSESSED!!

Sonia Kashuk- I could cry about this one. Since Target Canada is done like dinner, I’m probably going to go out and buy an excess amount of brushes from this brand. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about a Limited Edition Set that was beautiful. The link to my review can be found here —>

Fellow Canadians, go out and snatch what you can of these brushes before they are gone. You will not regret it.

American friends, continue being the lucky little shits you are and buy this brand. **Shakes fist in anger and disgust**

-Elf- Another brand that can be found at Target ( Why Lord, why?!?!? 😦 ) These are around 2 or 3 dollars and definitely decent for that price and for just beginning your collection.

-Quo-Β When looking at my ever growing brush collection, I have discovered that I have quite a few brushes from this brand, found at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Quo always comes out with limited edition brush sets. Sometimes they shed, sometimes they don’t. It just depends on the luck of the draw. But, I do like these a lot and believe they are worth it.

-Eco Tools-Β although I do not own any of these in my personal collection, I have used them before on clients. They can be found at Walmart and drugstores. Added bonus to this brand, it is an environmentally conscious company for all you Earth Lovers out there! πŸ™‚

Next are two inexpensive brands I have yet to try but want to eventually. If you watch any Youtube videos or read beauty blogs, you have probably heard of them already.

-Morphe Brushes-Β

-Crown Brush-Β

A List of Suggested brushes you should need to create whatever looks you want would be :

– Foundation Brush- whether it is a flat style or Kabuki style(my fave of the two)

-Powder/Bronzer Brush- a Nice fluffy one should do.

-Blush/Contour- there are different variations of these available. I am still searching for the perfect one.

-Eyeliner brush- Your cat eye will become that much better.

-Crease Brush- blend, blend, blend….and repeat.

-Shader Brush/All over shadow brush- self explanatory.

-Pencil brush- for precise shadow application and great to use on the lower lash line

-Eyebrow brush- tame those suckers down.

-Lip Brush- I rarellllyyyyyyyy use one of these on myself (always on clients though), but it is good to use if you find it hard to not get lipstick all over the place.

-Eyelash curler – use before mascara!!

-Sponges- I like using them for concealer. Just a personal preference. You don’t neeeedd to have any.

and there you have it. Affordable Makeup Brushes 101.

Hope that helps and Everyone has a safe and happy Week πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Nicole xo

Image-1 (4)

P.S. There are many nice expensive brands out there ( I own a few) and they are fabulous too. So if you are interested in any here is a quick list : Mac, Aveda, Sephora, Sigma, TIGI, Stila, Etc.


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