MOTD 02/12/2015

Dark Navy smokey eyes and light pink lips! If only every day I had enough time to do my makeup like this.




3 thoughts on “MOTD 02/12/2015

  1. Hey Nicole, not sure if this is where I should be emailing you… but I am wondering…. can you suggest a great cream shadow in a pallet? Online/in store etc!

    Thanks πŸ™‚


    • hey Christina….I havent seen too many or any real cream shadow pallets actually. If I buy creams its usually individual shadow or in pen form. I really love my Nyx Jumbo pencils and I also recently bought a bunch of shadows from the website called “Colourpop cosmetics”..Their shadows are sort of a hybrid between powder and cream…they are only$5!! and are pretty decent! πŸ™‚ hope that helps!


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