No Makeup Monday reflections:

 Currently in my grubby clothes, messy hair and smudged mascara from yesterday. A real vision of beauty right here folks. It’s my day off and I have been feeling not so great these past few weeks, so don’t judge me!

  I was recently reading an article about people flipping over unretouched photos of Beyoncé and also read some comments about Iggy Azalea in a bathing suit. It all got me thinking and I just started writing some random things down. 

-I don’t love the way I look but I don’t hate it either. Some days I feel really ugly, some days I think I look pretty good …vicious cycle. I’m sure others can appreciate this feeling.

-Getting older means becoming more comfortable with my flaws and means appreciating my favourite features! I love my eyes, my eyebrows, my teeth and even though I bitch about it daily, my thick hair! Thanks Genetics!

-Everyone has cellulite, even Iggy Azalea, and everyone has had bad skin days like Beyoncé. We’re All human. And if someone makes you feel bad for it, punch them square in their face. No hesitation. 

-Photo shop has become my best friend on Instagram. But don’t use it to the point where you don’t even look like yourself in real life. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve ever erased a few blemishes or two..or twenty, whatever. Also a little teeth whitening never killed nobody.

-Working with women daily… All different kinds of me an insight into different levels of body confidence. It breaks my heart when people bash their own looks and own bodies. It’s crazy how some people envision themselves and how wrong they can be. Being an Aesthechian, my job is to make you look and feel better, so negative self talk makes me sad.

-It also bothers me when others poke fun at how other people look or dress. Sure I’m guilty of this shaming from time to time. I’m a girl… Girls can be catty. If you are on the other end of the shaming, don’t  take it to heart. When someone belittles you, it’s only a sign of their insecurities. I’ve been on both ends of this. Sucks either way. The negative comments stick with people longer then the positive ones. I’m pretty sure I can still hear the mean things said to me in Junior high by some loser, it’s okay though. I’m building my life, becoming successful and him, he’s still the same, a loser. 

Harsh, but true.

– I’ve always wanted to get plastic surgery ( rhinoplasty and breast augmentation) but I’d probably never do it. Too chicken, too broke and like I said, as I get older I care less. Push up bras and contouring makeup are my best friends sometimes.

– I wear makeup because I love it. I can also be very good at it, and getting better. I Love that I can change how I look from day to day. As I get older I use it more for creativity rather then a mask.  Makeup should be for enhancing your own beauty, not making you look like a different person. ( unless it’s Halloween, then by all means be whoever you want to be.) 

Hope I didn’t lose anyone in that random jumble of thoughts. Just wanted to write about something I feel strongly about.  Open to comments and opinions on this one! Let me know what you think, what you love about yourselves, even what you don’t. I can almost gaurentee,  I won’t agree with your negatives! 😉 

❤️ ❤️❤️

-Nicole xoxo


6 thoughts on “No Makeup Monday reflections:

  1. Nicole you know I support you in all of your endeavours ( almost) but if you ever operate on your nose .. I will be angry!! You’re too gorgeous( a little Botox never hurt anyone though, I’ll attest to that)! I wouldn’t bother with the breasts either, a couple of babies and you’ll grow!

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