Winter Beauty Survival Guide



Truth be told, Winter sucks.

But your skin and hair don’t have to suffer. Im going to discuss some of my favourite tips, tricks and products for surviving winter and making you look like a less annoying, but equally pretty Winter Princess like Elsa. (And NOPE! I still don’t want to build that snowman, I’d much rather build a sandwich and polish my nails indoors k, thanks!)

Tip 1- Even though they feel amazing, especially on really cold days, super hot showers suck the moisture and goodness out of your skin and hair. If you insist on making your showers hot as Hades, keep them short and sweet people. 

Tip 2- Just because your feet are hidden away in socks, doesn’t mean you have to stop looking after them from October till July. NEWS FLASH! Your toes need love for 12 months! What is the point of looking after them religiously for just a bit of the year and then forgetting about them for the rest?! This is especially true for people who have major dryness, cuticle buildup, calluses and health concerns. 

If I hear one more person tell me they are quitting pedis till spring, I may scream. Get a pedi! You don’t have to do the polish thing if you don’t want to face the cold barefoot in sandals, but please, a little buffing and lotion will go a long way.
3- Exfoliate.

I love a good body and face scrub. Everyone should exfoliate all year, but it is very important during the colder months when skin can look dry, flakey and dull. Use at least once a week.  

Some of my favourite products for the body are : 

Aveda’s Smoothing Body Polish

Aveda’s Aqua Therapy Salts

Lush Rub, Rub, Rub Body Scrub

Scrub Inspired Oatmeal Coffee scrub (I use this both for my face and body. Smells amazing and is great for different issues such as acne, cellulite, etc.)

For Face:

Aveda’s Tourmaline Skin Refiner

Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 scrub, cleanser and mask (one of my all time favourite products of life!!) 

Lush Herbalism (smells like grass, but it works!) 
Tip 4- You also have to exfoliate your lips! I touched on this tip a bit in my “How to pull of a Red lip” post a few weeks ago! 

Exfoliating your lips is important, especially if you wear lipsticks. This prevents your lips looking like a flaky hot mess. Lush makes some great lip scrubs, but you could also make your own using honey or coconut oil with a little sugar. πŸ™‚ 
Tip 5- Chances are, you are drinking more coffee and tea this time of year. Therefore, you are probably more dehydrated then normal. Make sure you are drinking more water then caffeinated beverages. Its a hard task, believe me, this addict knows. But water makes everything look and feel much better. 
Tip 6- Moisturize. Everything.

Sounds pretty self explanatory right? 
You’d be surprised at how many people actually don’t. 

  Use a deep conditioning hair mask in shower to help your poor dry strands. (Aveda makes some awesome ones, I’m currently using the Be Curly Detangling mask, but they have a few more just depending on your hair type and needs.)

 Use a body and face moisturizer right out of shower. Applying moisture on skin while its still somewhat damp helps with absorption. 

Use cuticle oil on fingernails and toenails. CND solar oil or Aveda Beautifying oils are my favourites.
Tip 7- Along with exfoliating your lips, you need to treat them too. Vaseline is not the answer here folks!!!!! It may feel good while its actually on, but it isn’t doing a dam thing to help your dry lips. Its a barrier that will just sit on top. Use something that will actually absorb and moisturize. I recently discovered Bioderma Moisturizing stick! It seriously saved my poor pucker. Under $10 for two of them!!!! 
Hope this little post helps with some of your winter beauty woes.

 What are some of your tips, tricks and products you use through the winter months? 

Gotta go! I’ve got a hot date with the tv and my onesie.

Till next time peeps,

-Nicole xo πŸ™‚