Makeup Colour Combos

With Valentines Day around the corner… Its time to play matchmaker!
…With eyeshadows and lipstick colours that is. But you probably already figured that out by the title anyway. ❀️
This little post was a requested one (Hi Beth ;)) and I will try my hardest to make these combos as wearable as possible. 
You see, I have a hard time following rules when it comes to makeup for myself, I say wear whatever colours you want, whenever you want!) but for the colour shy or colour confused person, these are some great guidelines πŸ™‚
-Red lipstick.

 Gold eyeshadow, bronze eye shadow or really any metallic looks great with this classic shade. 
-Nude lips go well with dark, smokey black or grey eyes, or bright multi coloured eyes. It keeps all the attention on your eyeballs. 
-Light Pink lips + blue liner or shadow. Retro chic. A little scary but if done right it can be very pretty and fresh looking. 
-Purple lip.

It would be good to pair this bold shade with neutral tones and simple eyes. Taupes would be a good match! 
-Black, Blue, Grey or any unconventional lip colour! 

My faves πŸ˜‰ 

PS: Not for the shy!

 Pair with minimal eye makeup, or just a bold, black winged eyeliner. These lip colours are attention grabbers by themselves and shouldn’t have too much colour on the eyes to compete with.
-Bright pink lips go great with neutrals, or even pastels such as soft lavenders and lilacs.
-Coral on the lips pairs well with warm shadows such a gold and champagne. This would be an awesome summer combo with bronzed skin too fyi πŸ˜‰
-Dark berries and burgundy lips. Greys, taupes and neutrals are a nice match to this look at me shade! 
-Peach lips and emerald green eyeshadow would be a fun and unexpected pairing of colour. 
-Brown or the popular Kylie Jenner Mauve lip pairs well with brown and neutral shadows. Super wearable for everyday and screams 90’s!!
I think that covers most shades? If there are any more let me know in the comments. 
When in doubt with colour, take a quick look at a colour wheel. Understanding a bit about colour theory, contrasting and complimentary colours will help a great deal when applying your makeup. 

Here is a link : 


Also, have fun. Making mistakes is what its all about. You need to practice to find out what works best for you. There are so many great colours out there at your disposal. And the rules are constantly being thrown out the window! Your face is your artwork and art shouldn’t be taken too seriously. At Least, I think so anyway. πŸ˜‰
Hope everyone enjoyed this little blurb and also, has a super Superbowl Sunday… I checked out after halftime. Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, dance offs, fireworks. You just can’t top that.

Plus, I finished my food by then and figured there wasn’t much left to look forward to after that. :p

-Nicole xo