About Me

imageName- Nicole

Age- 28

Location- Cape Breton, NS

Occupation- Aesthetician

Interests and Hobbies- Shopping, Surfing the net, makeup, skin and hair care, reading, swimming and anything animal related.

I started this blog because in the past few years I’ve slowly become a beauty and fashion addict. I find myself being asked by family, friends or strangers for tips or info on makeup or other beauty things.

I’m a product junkie and slowly becoming a better informed consumer when it comes to products and services that are out there. Being an aesthetician the last four years, I’ve learned more about people and things then when I graduated from University with my bachelors in psychology.

As an aesthetician, I have access to more products and education then the average person, and that most definitely is a blessing 🙂 I also started this blog because I spend countless hours on the internet reading other blogs and watching  youtube videos about the same topics and thought, ” Hey! I could do that too!”  So here it is, my latest project, my attempt at being productive and working on something I love.

Thanks For taking the time to check out my page

-Nicole 🙂



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