More of My Work! :)

More pics of some makeup I have done on myself and others. Also one bright Shellac mani!

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Wedding Time…My favorite Season!

Wedding Season is just around the corner and soon salons and spas will be overrun with beautiful bridal parties.

For those of you who don’t know already, I love makeup and most of mine and my coworkers weekends over the summer will consist of early morning wedding prep. Lots of hairspray and false lashes will be flying!!

There are some very important things anyone involved in a wedding needs to consider when it comes to their hair and makeup for the big day. Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride/Groom, etc.

For the Bride to Be, most of these tips are for you, but first lets start with the wedding party.

Bridesmaids- First and foremost, and I’ll be stating the obvious here but, you are not the Bride! Although it is great you are getting to spend this day standing for your sister, bestie, cousin, etc…It’s not your time to be the star of the show.! Sorry!…Not sorry!!(that’s still a thing right?) …However, you are aloud to be dolled up and look glam and beautiful and have false lashes and the big updo, whatever, but please keep this important reminder in your head. You want the day to run as smoothly as possible for everyone. Show up on time for your appointments, don’t be a diva. Be clear on what you want your hair and makeup to look like with your hairstylist and makeup artist. For Gods sakes, Don’t try and upstage the Bride!! Same goes for the MOBs and MOGs…everything will just flow better if everyone concentrates on keeping the Bride happy and confident and feeling pretty when she leaves the salon. If you are super worried about your hair or makeup, book a consultation and/or a trial run before hand. This can help alleviate any stress for you and  your beauty team.

Now that I’ve got that little rant out of the way, On to the Bride! 🙂

1) As I stated previously, book a trial run and consultation. Do it to save everyone grief on the big day.

2) For your trial run or the actual wedding day, prepare questions and any issues to address before we begin. If you hate red lips or hate dewy looking skin let me know. Bring pictures, products or anything you think will be helpful to your stylist and makeup person make you look the way you want. BUT, do realize pictures just give us ideas. You will not look the exact same as a model. Your eyes may be a different color or shape or the model may have a different face shape then yours. Have reasonable expectations. Pictures can be very helpful or a nightmare, if you are not realistic on how you really look.

3) Pick one feature you would really like to emphasize, especially if you want one of those features to be really dramatic. Rule of thumb with most makeup looks, if you go bold on the eye, you go more neutral on the lips and vice versa. Some people, but not many can pull off both at the same time and not look too cray cray! Bottom line, You don’t want to look too over done and clownish.

4) Flawless skin is a great way of guaranteeing the rest of your makeup looks nice. If you have no issues with your skin, Great! Lucky you! But if your skin is less then flawless, you may want to wear a little more face makeup then your used to. A good concealer, foundation and powder will help you achieve this. There are ways to wear a lot of makeup, but not look like you caked it on.

5)You should also know when getting your makeup done, at first it may seem like a lot, but you want that makeup to last an entire day, through crying, dancing, kissing, hugging, sweating, pictures, etc. You also want it to stand out in pictures and not make you looked washed out. Don’t be alarmed if there is a little more eye shadow and blush to begin the day, it’ll wear off as the day goes on.

6)Try false lashes! Whether they are strips or individual, they make a world of difference on how a makeup application can look. They make your eyes stand out in person and on camera. I personally love false lashes and wish I had the time every morning to put them on. They may seem weird and foreign if you are a first time wearer, but I Swear you get used to them as time goes on.

With Individual lashes you can wear a lot and be dramatic or wear a little just on the outside corners for a natural, flirty look. Strip lashes come in various shapes and thicknesses and are definitely more noticeable.

7)Invest in some good touch up products. If you like them, buy the lip gloss or powder your makeup artist uses on you, if they have it for sale. Most of your makeup should last the day, but lips with eventually rub off while eating or kissing and shiny foreheads and oil slick noses are not cute. Put these in your clutch along with mints, bobby pins, mini deodorant and whatever else you feel will be necessary to get you through the big day!

8) This may be hard in times of high stress, but when we ask you in the end what you think of the finished look, be completely honest, but not too brutal (we have feelings too you know 😦 )  Tell us if there is anything you want removed or fixed or added. We can usually tell if someone doesn’t like their hair or makeup even if they say “yeah, its fine” . I’d much rather know and fix the issue then know you went home only to have a meltdown and wipe most of it off or take out your updo.

9) The last and probably the most important thing about Bridal makeup is……You want to look like a better version of yourself, not someone else. Your significant other loves and proposed to you just as you are. Don’t try and change the way you wear your makeup so you don’t look like “you” any more. Sure, you want to look beautiful, but not look like someone you’re not. If you’re a natural gal who wears no makeup, don’t go full on glamazon so that you’re unrecognizable. And if you are always done up to the nines, then keep it the same but better(if that makes sense?)  This is all  my own opinion but I just don’t like it when people don’t even look the same in the wedding photos. You want to enhance and embrace what you already have. You want to walk down the isle feeling comfortable and confident and feeling like yourself.

Hope this was helpful for any of you future Brides and wedding party people.

-Nicole xo 🙂