June Faves! Beauty & Random! 

I can not wrap my head around the fact it is already July!!! My birthday Month!!! Yey!!!

For this blog, I decided rather then write a regular Monthly Faves and Flops, I decided to do a Monthly Beauty Faves and Non Beauty Faves section! Hope you enjoy the change up! ❤

Beauty Faves

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Face Palette– Let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate this Bomb. Ass. Palette!
The white and gold packaging is so beautiful and luxurious looking.

Two highlighters and three blushes make up this little bundle of joy.
All stunning, super pigmented powders that make you glow like the goddess that is Jaclyn Hill. 
This palette is very versatile where you can mix highlights and blushes to make your own colour concoctions. 
Also, I have been loving using the highlights as eyeshadows for an easy all over lid shade. Shimmery and perfect for Summer. 🙂

Smashbox primer water – I purchased this in a kit of Primers by Smashbox. At first, I didn’t think this would work, but I’m convinced it’s helpful in making my makeup go on better. 

It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy, so it definitely will be an essential in my summer makeup routine. 


Daval lipsticks– I recently wrote a blog post on these beauties. I have worn these lipsticks all month and I am obsessed. I need all the colours. Here is the link to the post so you can read up some more on this new East Coast brand! 



Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palette- Now I’m not going to lie here, I mainly bought this for the packaging. 

I’m THAT sucker that companies lovvvveeee. 

Anything Glittery, gimme it.

Anything gimmicky, throw it the bag.

Anything with cute extras, I’ll take two please!

I’ll apologize for mentioning this little baby, because unfortunately it was limited edition. So if you got your hands on it you are very fortunate. 

The palette comes with a pretty decent double ended brush and some pretty decent shadows. Lots of neutrals and some pretty pops of colour too. And a freaking Pop up Butterfly!!!!!!!!!!! 

Babe lash extensions – I was always against getting lashes for myself because: 
A- the maintenance and B-the cost….. 

Buttttt with that being said, a coworker needed a model to complete her certification. 
So twist my rubber arm, I’ll get free extensions. Whatever.

So I must say (and here comes a humble brag)… I am blessed to have dark and fairly thick lashes. I also can pop on false lashes with hardly any effort anymore, so I never expected to love extensions as much as I do. 
Damn these addictive, little, fluttery, long, dark, face gracing angels. Damn them right to hell.
I can wake up in the morning and not feel like a complete gremlin. 
So that in itself is a true testament to their beautifying powers. 

Lancome Le Vie est Belle – I received a few samples of this in the last two months and I was pleasantly surprised. The notes according to the website are Jasmine, Tunisian Orange Blossom and Sambac(whatever that is).

I am very fussy with scents and this is definitely one I am considering going out and splurging on the big bottle! 
Maybelline Loaded Bolds Matte lipstick – I managed to get my hands on the dark blue called “Midnight Blue” 

I have another blue in my lippie collection ( Kat Von D “Echo”) and the Maybelline by far is my favourite of the two and only half the price. 

The pigmentation is great. The lasting power is impressive. The colour selection go from neutral everyday to fun colours like blue, white, black, etc.


Non beauty/ Random Faves
Me Before You” Book and Movie – 

If you are looking for a book or movie to rip the heart right out from your chest then proceed to stomp on it a few times, then this is for you. 

Don’t get me wrong, the uncontrollable crying I did while watching the movie (and wiping my nose with a popcorn butter soaked napkin) did not take away from my love of the characters and storyline. I dare say I loved this movie more then most girls loved the “Notebook”…. That may be sacrilege, but whatever. 
Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher w/ Coconut milk- 

I found this on my new favourite Instagram page “Starbucks Secret Menu” 

It is deeeeelllllliiicccciiiioooousssss. 

Dairy free (a bonus for you other Lactose sensitive peeps!) 
It also has berries in it, which makes you feel semi healthy…..sort of?
Red jumpsuit from Winners– I bought this gem over a year and a half ago from Winners and didn’t have the guts (or the right Spanx) to wear it. 


Then push came to shove and I had to have a nice outfit to wear to my bestie’s Wedding Shower this past June. So I sucked it up (and in) and wore it. 

Why was I so silly?!?! 
 I have never had so many compliments on an outfit. 

I need to follow my own advice and go outside my comfort zone and wear things I’m not 100% sure on. 

And there they all are. My Favourites from the month of June! 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most of these will continue to be favourites for the whole Summer. 😉 

Till next time folks,

-Nicole xo 

P.S. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day weekend and my American friends have a Happy July 4th holiday tomorrow! ❤ 


Met Gala 2015 Fashion Faves


Look at these fashion Goddesses! 

I can’t even deal. 

Between the makeup, hair, dresses and accessories, these ladies all nailed it in my opinion. 

Who were your favourites from tonight’s red carpet? 

-Nicole xo 😉 

Girl vs. Boy “Pretty”

The age old debate.

What Men think is pretty and what women find pretty or attractive can sometimes be a lot different or a lot alike.

I know I’ve had this conversation with a few friends of mine and we have decided that there are just some styles of clothing, hair or makeup that most men find unattractive and too far “out there” for them to even understand (Silly boys!).

I love “different” or weird things (probably because I’m little odd myself!) and I get to work in the beauty industry with all kinds of stylish people. We get to have fun and experiment with our clothes, makeup and hair! No boring cooperate suits for moi!! (not that there is anything wrong with that, just not for me 🙂 )

In the last few years from listening to guys I know and their unsolicited “opinions” , I’ve come to discover some things our male counterparts just don’t like or as I like to put it…”they just don’t ‘get’ about fashion”… Most Men like pretty, simple looks. Whether that’s a basic tee and jeans or a plain figure flaunting dress. Which by no means I don’t love too! but I’m just discussing the differences between what women and men can find attractive in women.

photo (5)

Above- faux leather crop top + slouchy printed pants = my father and bf’s worst nightmare in an outfit, yet all the women at the party loved it. I looked so “hip’ and “right out of new York” as one of my grand aunts stated….funny because this did come from my New York trip! Bam! 😉 Sorry, not sorry!!!!!!!

1) Crop tops, floral headbands, huge statement jewelry, Rompers, Baggy pants, harem pants, bright patterned tights, high waisted anything(skirts,pants, etc.) . Do I love them all? Yes, Definitely! I live for rompers and anything stylish yet comfortable. But take these comments from the males in my life for instance when I’ve worn any of these items, i.e. from my father “oh, you already have your pjs on” referring to my high waisted slouchy pants from last night or as Steve likes to fondly call my bright tights when I wear them “my wrestling pants” or “macho-man tights”…pfttt, but what do they know anyway!?!? 😦


2)Makeup- Now men “think” (yes, I know, I had no idea that men had thoughts too) but they think like “natural makeup”…..or no makeup at all. And I doubt they know that the natural look takes like 25 different products to make you look like you aren’t wearing any makeup!!!!!! wtf!? When really……

photo (6)

^^^^Pretty self explanatory.

I’m not saying some men don’t like smokey eyes or crazy colored lipstick, but  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the majority are just confused when it comes to this stuff. They confuse easily, so if your man doesn’t like these things, try and tone it down a little bit. Or if you’re anything like me, wear it anyway!! LOL 😉

Oh! and don’t forget those fake lashes and nails……men love those……………………..

photo (7)

3) Hair- I know tons of ladies that cut their hair off right after their wedding and after the long process of growing it out to wear it in a updo for their big day. I also know tons of ladies that have beautiful faces that are just emphasized by shorter dos. However, men are hardwired to like long luscious locks. Something to do with finding an “ideal” mate and fertility or whatever. Its programmed into them since the stone age and probably will never change. But if you want to hack your hair off, which I have done numerous times throughout my life, Do it! Hair grows and you don’t judge your men for his mismatched socks and scruff on his face, so he shouldn’t say anything but “that looks nice, dear!”

Hair color is another touchy subject. I’d say the majority of men like “natural” colored hair. No crazy purples, reds or blues.  Personally, I love that stuff and if you can be confident and pull it off, that’s awesome!


I think if a woman likes something and its not the norm, wear it anyway. Fashion and makeup are supposed to be fun and reflect everyone’s individual tastes. This also applies to men. If you look back at pictures of yourself and say “ew, I hate what I wore” or “what was I thinking with that hair cut”…least you have something to laugh at when your 90. No bodies perfect.

-Nicole xo 🙂


Now all this being said, In my case I may be biased because I live in a small town. With a community where anything “really different” is judged. By men AND women alike. I know in bigger cities, it’s no biggie to have crazy colored hair and to wear whatever the hell you want and walk down the street without awkward stares! I really wish CB would just catch up already!

Celeb Beauty Crushes and Fashion Inspiration!

First things first before we get into it, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and a very Happy Father’s day! 🙂

Celeb Influences

Now, Where would we be if we didn’t have Celebrities to influence fashion and beauty trends? They really help mould the way the designers and beauty companies make their clothing and products. We are being constantly bombarded with commercials and advertisements on how we should look and act. That being said, I feel there are a lot of really bad celebs to aspire to look like, but there are a select few that I personally love and think are Great!!! (If I could own any of their closets or makeup collections…I’d be okay with that 😉 ) Here are my faves… In no particular order.

1)Jennifer Lawrence- I love this girl! She’s a funny, smart, talented actress. If I was to ever cut my hair super short, she has the perfect style. Her clothing choices are always on point and her body confidence is something that every actress should promote to their fans. Love, Love Love!!!! ( hey Jen, call me!!! we could be best friends!!!!!)



2) Lupita Nyong’o This red carpet darling is phenomenal. She could put on a paper bag and still look stunning. That face, is unforgettable. Her acceptance speech at this years Oscars made me tear up. “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid” …She really can do no wrong….( Dear Lupita, if me and Jen Lawrence don;t work out, you could be the replacement bestie!!) Image


3) Nicole Guerriero- I may have previously stated in other posts, I am obsesseddddddddddd with this girl. I watch her youtube channel religiously. She is the bomb.com!!! If she recommends a product, there’s a good chance I will go out and get it or its on my wish list. She always has fun with her style and doesn’t take herself too seriously in her videos. If you don’t know who she is, go look her up on youtube. She has various makeup, clothing, hair videos and was once a average girl who just liked talking about these things and now has millions of fans! She is one of the main reasons and inspirations for starting a blog….I also like to think we are pretty cool with our matching names 😉






4) Kelly Osbourne- Now some of you may or may not agree with this one, but I love Kelly. She has changed a lot from when we first saw her on the Osbourne’s. She dresses how she wants and I’m kind of digging her crazy hair colors. I just wish I could of managed to get my hands on some of her makeup from her collaboration with Mac 😦 (which sold out super fast, so I must not be the only one that thinks she’s fab!)



5) Rihanna- She’s bold and in your face with her makeup, hair and clothing choices. She’s pretty bad-ass if you ask me ( I’ll even forgive her for going back with Chris Brown) A few years ago, She shaved half her head and so did I….looked great on her…not so much on me, but she inspired me to take some risks…even though it was a major fail, I can atleast tell my Grandkids someday, I was pretty cool back in the day.



6) WWE Divas- okay…don’t judge me, but I like these girls. I love their reality show and I will even tolerate watching wrestling with the bf again because of them. I think they are all beautiful in their own ways. Eva Marie and The Bella twins are probably my faves. I NEED Eva Marie’s red hair!!! Obsessed!! #AllRedEverything 😉



7) Taylor Swift – She’s young and has fun with her outfits. Her hair is gorgeous and she seems like she could totally just hang out with anyone, and although her choice in men and her bitter breakup songs are a bit much all the time, I like the way she puts herself together. Girly and a bit preppy and sometimes sexy. She always rocks a colored lip too (my fave)


8) Angelina Jolie- While she did steal Brad( I don’t like cheaters!!) She made up for it the past few years with all her amazing and generous  humanitarian work and also, her bravery going through a double mastectomy. I recently saw her movie ( Maleficent) and was in awe of her beauty. Yes, she had major contouring going on, but there is no mistaking, her face is mesmerizing.



9)Marilyn Munroe- now while she is not a current celebrity, Marilyn has played a major role in pop culture, fashion and beauty. She was curvy, blonde, beautiful and a sad, misunderstood person. I would of loved to live in her era. My room during university, was covered in her posters. I have one of her famous quotes tattooed on me permanently and whole heartedly believe it. I got it while I was having some major confidence issues and truly think it made me feel better. “Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring”





10) last but not least… Jenny from the block or Jlo!!! She is 44 and doesn’t look a day over 25! Her skin is flawless…her hair is always done just right, her style is glamorous and fun! Her body is what a real woman should look like. Poor girl just cant catch a break and find a man that can deal with her and her success.



Hope you enjoyed my little post!

xo Nicole 🙂