Some of My Work 

Just a few pictures from the past year of: Bridal makeup, Prom makeup, Halloween makeup and different looks I did on myself.  Enjoy! ❤️




Halloween 2014!!

As you all very well know, Halloween (my second favorite day of the year) came and went yesterday! Just last week, I  wrote a post on Halloween and my undying love for it.

And let me just say this year did not disappoint!!! There was dress up fun at work and then I took some little ladies around trick or treating ( I may have snagged a few treats for myself as well 😉 )


Introducing, POP ART Girl (or Comic book girl, whatever.)….most people thought I looked pretty cool, but had no clue what I was. Google Roy Lichtenstein!!!!


This is probably one of the easier looks I did this year, but by far my favorite! ( I NEED Blue hair now!!!!)


I also got to do some fun Halloween looks on some friends/clients yesterday!


Shauna always wanted to be a zombie when she grew up! … I made her a zombie bride for the day! 😉




Chantal wanted something scary ,but not too scary to take her little girl out trick or treating! …so I made her into a “Black Widow” or “spider queen” , just like the look I did on myself  Monday past.



Next, I did lovely Alana’s makeup! She was going as a Coca Cola Bottle ( her Boyfriend was going as Captain Morgan!… Clever!! ) For Alana, we basically just did a silver and red eye with red lips to go with the colors in her dress!




All the girls and boys at work got dressed up as well yesterday! Really wishing I had a group picture of us all, but here is one of my faves from the day (taken by Sarah Jane aka Cruella Deville)




and what would be a Halloween post be without a little Throw back!



Myself (cool as hell vampire!!) …My sister, Courtney was a Dog (fitting because for the first 6 or 7 years of her life, she really thought she was a dog, cat or horse, depending on the day)

and my friend Chantal (Spider queen pictured above) was a brat!!!…I mean, baby! 😛


Hope everyone had a super awesome and safe Halloween last night….and just so everyone knows,  I am currently taking donations for any leftover candies too fyi! Also, Its undecided what I will do with my time now that October is over and I don’t think it would be acceptable to keep doing Halloween makeup on Mondays anymore.

Must. Find. New. Hobby……………or as I was told by quite a few people, adopt a dog or have some kids………………………………………………………………………………….


-Nicole xo 😉



I am probably driving everyone “batty” with all my Facebook and Instagram posts about Halloween! But, here is another just to make sure I cover all forms of my social media outlets!!! 😉

I don’t remember being that overly excited for Halloween as a child. I mean, it was kind of fun to dress up as a gypsy, vampire, cheerleader, clown, black cat, etc. I almost always had these costumes made by my lovely Grandmother until I got a bit older and it was no longer “cool”.

When I was younger, You couldn’t of paid me to watch any Halloween or scary movies or TV shows. I’m still working on being courageous enough to watch the “Saw” movies. I HATE gore and blood and anything overly violent (so sensitive) But since I’ve met the BF, I can proudly say I have watched most of the Jason and Micheal Myers movies ( It still counts if I covered my face for most of them though, right?)



In high school and university years… Halloween was a bit different!  As Lindsey Lohen said in Mean Girls  ” In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”…..Preach, Girl!!

gypsie   football

*covers face in shame*

Fast forward a bit of time and now Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year (minus Christmas, I LOVEEEE Christmas to the point of being annoying! Can’t wait to bust out the ol Reindeer Sock Bun again 🙂 )

Being an “adult” and I use that term lightly…I love Halloween &  watching children come trick or treating in their cute, little costumes.  I also love the Candy and chips and bars and pop that is left behind when only 10 kids come to the house!! ( however, my waistline does not…..)


I also love the fact that as I got older,  my Halloween makeup skills have got a bit better!

Three years ago:  

Lady Bug

lady bug

Two Years ago: 

Kat Von D

kat vond

Last year’s look :

Half Skeleton/Half Glam

photo (2)

Products Used (skull side) : NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk and Black, BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Pallet (white powder), L’Oreal Gel Liner in Black


This year’s looks thus far : Every Monday for the Month of October, I have been doing different looks ( You may say I have a lot of time on my hands, and you are right!!!) But I also do love doing makeup and if it makes me happy, leave me be!!

Half Leopard Face


Products used:  NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk and Black, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation stick In Coconut, Loreal BlackBuster Liquid eyeliner, Loreal Gel Eyeliner in black, BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette (White and Dark Brown powders) , Maybelline “The Nudes” palette, Lime Crime Styletto Lipstick.



Products used: Again, my trusty NYX jumbo pencils in milk and black… BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush Palette (white powder) , Maybelline Red Lipstick, BH Cosmetics 5th Edition Eyeshadow Palette (red and taupe shadows)


Alien Face



Products used: My handy dandy NYX pencils in Milk and Black, Loreal Black Gel Liner, BH Cosmetics White Powder from the Blush and Contour palette, Maybelline “The Nudes” (Grey taupe and Black shadows) Sanazaroo White Face Paint (a good find from Michael’s Craft- Thanks to the tip off from Nicole Guerriero’s latest video) , Elmer’s Black and White face paint (also found at Micheal’s)


Now, I have only one more Monday left and also, actual Halloween. I have quite a few ideas in mind and not enough time to do them ( I guess there is always next year though 😉 ) I am, however sure that I am being a “Pop art Girl” or comic book girl for Oct 31st.


I Hope everyone enjoyed this little blurb on me, confessing my love for Halloween and  whether you are staying home, trick or treating or going to a party, stay safe and have a Very Happy Halloween!! 🙂 Now I must be off….My broom stick awaits me! 😉




-Nicole xo 🙂