Met Gala 2015 Fashion Faves


Look at these fashion Goddesses! 

I can’t even deal. 

Between the makeup, hair, dresses and accessories, these ladies all nailed it in my opinion. 

Who were your favourites from tonight’s red carpet? 

-Nicole xo πŸ˜‰ 


Celeb Beauty Crushes and Fashion Inspiration!

First things first before we get into it, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and a very Happy Father’s day! πŸ™‚

Celeb Influences

Now, Where would we be if we didn’t have Celebrities to influence fashion and beauty trends? They really help mould the way the designers and beauty companies make their clothing and products. We are being constantly bombarded with commercials and advertisements on how we should look and act. That being said, I feel there are a lot of really bad celebs to aspire to look like, but there are a select few that I personally love and think are Great!!! (If I could own any of their closets or makeup collections…I’d be okay with that πŸ˜‰ ) Here are my faves… In no particular order.

1)Jennifer Lawrence- I love this girl! She’s a funny, smart, talented actress. If I was to ever cut my hair super short, she has the perfect style. Her clothing choices are always on point and her body confidence is something that every actress should promote to their fans. Love, Love Love!!!! ( hey Jen, call me!!! we could be best friends!!!!!)



2) Lupita Nyong’o This red carpet darling is phenomenal. She could put on a paper bag and still look stunning. That face, is unforgettable. Her acceptance speech at this years Oscars made me tear up. “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid” …She really can do no wrong….( Dear Lupita, if me and Jen Lawrence don;t work out, you could be the replacement bestie!!)Β Image


3) Nicole Guerriero- I may have previously stated in other posts, I am obsesseddddddddddd with this girl. I watch her youtube channel religiously. She is the!!! If she recommends a product, there’s a good chance I will go out and get it or its on my wish list. She always has fun with her style and doesn’t take herself too seriously in her videos. If you don’t know who she is, go look her up on youtube. She has various makeup, clothing, hair videos and was once a average girl who just liked talking about these things and now has millions of fans! She is one of the main reasons and inspirations for starting a blog….I also like to think we are pretty cool with our matching names πŸ˜‰






4) Kelly Osbourne- Now some of you may or may not agree with this one, but I love Kelly. She has changed a lot from when we first saw her on the Osbourne’s. She dresses how she wants and I’m kind of digging her crazy hair colors. I just wish I could of managed to get my hands on some of her makeup from her collaboration with Mac 😦 (which sold out super fast, so I must not be the only one that thinks she’s fab!)



5) Rihanna- She’s bold and in your face with her makeup, hair and clothing choices. She’s pretty bad-ass if you ask me ( I’ll even forgive her for going back with Chris Brown) A few years ago, She shaved half her head and so did I….looked great on her…not so much on me, but she inspired me to take some risks…even though it was a major fail, I can atleast tell my Grandkids someday, I was pretty cool back in the day.



6) WWE Divas- okay…don’t judge me, but I like these girls. I love their reality show and I will even tolerate watching wrestling with the bf again because of them. I think they are all beautiful in their own ways. Eva Marie and The Bella twins are probably my faves. I NEED Eva Marie’s red hair!!! Obsessed!! #AllRedEverything πŸ˜‰



7) Taylor Swift – She’s young and has fun with her outfits. Her hair is gorgeous and she seems like she could totally just hang out with anyone, and although her choice in men and her bitter breakup songs are a bit much all the time, I like the way she puts herself together. Girly and a bit preppy and sometimes sexy. She always rocks a colored lip too (my fave)


8) Angelina Jolie- While she did steal Brad( I don’t like cheaters!!) She made up for it the past few years with all her amazing and generous Β humanitarian work and also, her bravery going through a double mastectomy. I recently saw her movie ( Maleficent) and was in awe of her beauty. Yes, she had major contouring going on, but there is no mistaking, her face is mesmerizing.



9)Marilyn Munroe- now while she is not a current celebrity, Marilyn has played a major role in pop culture, fashion and beauty. She was curvy, blonde, beautiful and a sad, misunderstood person. I would of loved to live in her era. My room during university, was covered in her posters. I have one of her famous quotes tattooed on me permanently and whole heartedly believe it. I got it while I was having some major confidence issues and truly think it made me feel better. “Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius and It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring”





10) last but not least… Jenny from the block or Jlo!!! She is 44 and doesn’t look a day over 25! Her skin is flawless…her hair is always done just right, her style is glamorous and fun! Her body is what a real woman should look like. Poor girl just cant catch a break and find a man that can deal with her and her success.



Hope you enjoyed my little post!

xo Nicole πŸ™‚